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Improve the Quality of Your Creative Content with Pro Audio Desktop Microphones Systems

From podcasts to training materials to social media, creating content has never been more accessible than it is right now. One of the biggest things you can do to create better content is to improve the quality of your audio. When you are ready to upgrade your studio audio equipment, eBay has a great selection of pro desktop microphone systems.

Audio is more important than you think

We people consume your content, you want them to have a positive response. Improving the quality of your audio is one of the most substantial ways of making your recordings more professional. It seems counterintuitive, but people are more willing to forgive bad quality in graphics or video than they are a bad listening experience. It is crucial that you get the optimal sound for your vocals and other sources. Upgrading to a good quality pro audio microphone can drastically increase the caliber of your recordings or live feeds. eBay has excellent desktop microphones for your home studio that will improve your content and that will fit any size budget.

Get the right polar pattern for your needs

The polar pattern of a microphone is the area in front in which sound can be processed. Some microphones are designed to \"hear\" everything around them. These are called omnidirectional mics. Others are designed to catch content in a particular direction and, to a certain extent, ignore noise from other directions. These mics are called cardioid microphones. They pick up sound in a directional cone in front of the unit. Super-cardioid and hyper-cardioid versions of this type of microphone have even smaller areas of receptivity making them better for receiving input from a pinpoint source.

Understanding your desktop mic sensitivity

The sensitivity of a mic is how loud or soft the sound needs to be for the mic to pick it up. The correct sensitivity is dependant on your application. A microphone for vocals should be a lot more sensitive than one designed for loud instruments such as a kick drum. Sensitivity is usually measured in SPL or Sound Pressure Level. When looking at these numbers, the lower numbers are more sensitive and the higher numbers less sensitive.

What connection types are available?
  • XLR: This is the connect most used by professional audio studio equipment such as mixing consoles and AD converters.
  • USB: With quality software so readily available, it is sometimes preferred to record straight into a desktop or laptop using the USB port.
  • 1/4 inch: This is traditionally a \"line-level\" input. Certain external preamps will use this type of connection.
  • 1/8 inch: This is used by a PC's audio card or by a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet.
What mic accessories do you need?
  • Microphone Clip: Mics come in all shapes and sizes. They should each be accompanied by a clip that can attach it to a stand.
  • Stand: Some mics come with their own desktop stand or another way of keeping them in place. Others have them sold separately.
  • Pop filter: Certain phonics are called plosives because the create a \"pop\" sound in your recordings. A pop filter stops the puff of air the creates these pops and leaves you with a crisp clean sound.