Diecast Formula 1 Cars

Diecast Formula 1 Cars

Diecast models are among the most popular toys on the planet. Many widely see Formula 1 GP racing as the pinnacle of motorsport. Names like McLaren, Ferrari, and Renault are as often seen gracing toy cars as they are screaming around the racetrack. With diecast toys, you can build your own collection out of model cars rather than spending millions of dollars like Red Bull to field a competitive racing team of F1 cars that you cant drive on the streets anyway.

What is a Racing Formula?

To understand Formula 1, its important to understand what formula means. Its the set of specifications each car has to follow in order to compete on the track. The idea behind these rules is to turn the race into a drivers competition by making sure each F1 car is as close to equal as possible. These are some of the rules each car in F1 must follow:

  • Engines: All cars must use a 1.6 Liter turbocharged V6 with one turbocharger limited to 600 horsepower. They can also use a power recovery system that can add up to 160 horsepower for short periods of time.
  • Weight: Each car must weigh no less than 1616 pounds.
  • Aerodynamics: Each car may have two wings to generate downforce, one at the front and one at the rear.

What About Diecast Cars?

The first diecast car was a Model T Ford produced by Dowst in 1915. The industry has come a long way since then, about as far as cars have from the Model T to F1 racers like the Mercedes GP. While many of the first diecast cars were small toys, you can now find limited edition collectors models of many F1 cars from a number of manufacturers:

  • Bburago: Now part of Maisto, Bburago makes highly detailed F1 models for collectors to display as well as officially licensed Ferrari models. They are a great addition to any model car collection.
  • Minichamps: With models including McLaren and Brabham, German manufacturer Minichamps produces a wide range of Formula One scale models for collectors of all ages.
  • Hot Wheels: A company that has been making model cars for 50 years, Hot Wheels has brought Formula 1 cars into millions of households. Hot Wheels lets children unleash their inner Ayrton Senna or Michael Schumacher as diecast cars race around scale tracks.

Collecting Formula 1 Diecast Cars

There are two main reasons for collecting diecast models. Some people want to build a collection they can display on their shelves and imagine a world where they were faster than Fittipaldi. Others collect them for their children to stage their own grand prix, and become world champions in the formula of imagination. There are a few factors every collector should pay attention to:

  • Condition: A Mercedes model still in the original box without a mark on it is going to be more desirable than if the box or the race car shows signs of wear.
  • Rarity: The more limited the release, the more unfulfilled demand will drive up the price.

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