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Dried Botanicals and Potpourri Supplies

Potpourri has been part of adding delicious scents to a room since before the time of the pharaohs. Because it's made of dried flowers and other ingredients, it can hold on to its scent for a long time and only needs to be refreshed once in a while. Potpourris are easy to put together with the right supplies, and they are often presented in glass containers, like vases.

What types of dried flowers are available?

Flowers and leaves that dry beautifully include:

  • Lavender: Lavender is one of the most popular dried flowers for potpourri.
  • Rose: This includes rose buds and petals.
  • Hydrangeas: This flower is available in many different colors.
  • Gomphren: The gomprehna is a type of amaranth that bears ball-shaped, multi-colored flowers.
  • Ammobium: This flower is called "the everlasting" because of how long it lasts as a dried flower.
  • Craspedia: This yellow flower is also called Billy Buttons.
What kinds of dried greenery are available?

Types of greenery available for your potpourri include:

  • Reed grass
  • Russian olive
  • Wheat
  • Eucalyptus
  • Salal: This is an evergreen with glossy foliage and edible berries.
  • Panicum: This is also known as panic grass because of the way the seed heads shiver in the breeze.
  • Artichoke: If an artichoke is left alone, it turns into a giant thistle.
Can dried fruits be used in potpourri?

Dried fruits include:

  • Artificial holly berries
  • Pokeberries: These berries grow on a plant that is common in the Southern United States. The berries resemble blueberries but are not edible.
  • Chili peppers: Dried chilis are surprisingly attractive, and they are edible after the holiday season.
  • Canella berries: These berries come from a tree that's native to the West Indies and look like tiny pine cones.
  • Orange slices
What potpourri supplies are available?

Potpourri supplies include:

  • Vintage flower and leaf presses: Some of these presses are used in the microwave.
  • Silica gel and gel beads to dry flowers
  • Plastic tweezers
  • Sachets: These are often made of muslin fabric.
  • Recycled boards
  • Mixed pieces of wood
  • Books on the art of dried flowers

The sheer variety of dried flowers is enough to make wonderful potpourri for any room and memorable floral arrangements for any occasion, including weddings and parties. A non-traditional bride may even carry a bouquet of beautiful dried flowers. Other uses for dried flowers are as pretty, moth-repellent sachets; furniture sachets attached to the arms of chairs or benches; travel sachets attached to the knob of a hotel room; or sachets tucked into drawers to freshen clothes.

Dried flowers can also be used in pomanders. Traditionally, these are porcelain balls filled with potpourri. Use arrangements of dried flowers as table centerpieces, large wreaths, or small wreaths around the bases of candleholders.