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EOTech Red Dot Sights

EOTech red dot gun scopes and sights are available in a variety of models. Note that a red dot sight may provide you with options for reticle targeting colors such as green, even though the items are called red dots. If youre shopping for a red dot sight or scope for your firearm, knowing what types are available to you, and how to install and maintain each one, may help you to narrow your search.

How do red dot sights work?

Dot scopes or sights might help you to simplify the processes of targeting and aiming. They do this by giving you a reticle that appears on the targeted surface. The reticle is a visual indication of the alignment of your firearm. Some features you may wish to keep in mind are:

  • One of the primary features of a red dot scope is maintaining eye relief.
  • Eye relief refers to how far away from your eye you can position your scope while still maintaining proper use of the scope or sight.
  • Scopes or sights will have different measurements for eye relief depending on the level of magnification present.
What types of sights or scopes can you choose?

Although most scopes perform the same basic function, different types accomplish the task in different ways. Three of the major types of sights you may find during your search include:

  • Dot sights: These produce a red or green reticle that appears on the surface of the target.
  • Lasers: Lasers are similar to dots, but you can usually see the full path of the laser as it arcs through the air.
  • Holographs: Holographic sights are optics made of glass. You can look through a small window and see an image of your target area superimposed on the field of view. Many holographic sights use diodes for illumination.
How do you mount a sight or scope?

Once you have chosen the red dot scope you prefer, you will need to mount it securely. While the specific steps for mounting a sight may vary depending on the model you choose, there are some basic steps:

  • Your sight or scope may include its own mounting platform.
  • Most mounting platforms will integrate with mounting rails like the Picatinny or dovetail models.
  • If you already have a system of receivers and rails in place, you can align the sight with the rails to secure all the parts.
  • If your sight includes a battery compartment, the compartment should face away from you and toward the muzzle.
What are some features of dot sights?

Some common features that may be present, depending on the scope you choose, include:

  • Multiple levels of magnification.
  • Dot reticles in different colors, such as red, green, or yellow.
  • Large fields of view.
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