Eagle One Automotive Care and Detailing

Eagle One Automotive Care and Detailing

Eagle One is a company that specializes in making products that let you detail your auto yourself. Sold under its Eagle Automotive line, it includes products designed for both interior and exterior surfaces. You will find supplies created for particular areas like windows and tires as well.

What products can you use on a cars body?

Cleaning your vehicle with ordinary soap and water can leave behind a film and damage the paint job. Eagle Automotive products are safe to use on all models, including those with a metallic or pearl finish. There are some products that you can use on both your body and wheels.

  • Wadding polish: Wadding polish is a product that comes in a small jar with a screw-on lid. You apply a dab to the finish, rub it onto the surface, and buff the surface to remove the excess. This product is only suitable for use on metal surfaces.
  • Wax sprays: Eagle Automotive products include several different wax sprays. Once you clean your vehicle, you spray an even coat of the wax onto the body. As you buff down the surface, you remove the extra wax. It leaves behind a coating that gives the body a nice shine and protects it from rain.
  • Wheel and tire cleaner: These are two-in-one products designed to clean both your wheels and tires. You can use the same product on the rubber tires as you do on your metal hubcaps.
  • Wipe and shine cleaner: For touch-ups, the companys wipe and shine cleaner is a suitable option. It comes in a spray bottle that lets you apply just the right amount. As you wipe the liquid off, you clean your vehicle.
Are there any products you can use on the interior?

Eagle also makes some products that you can use on the inside. Its wipe-and-shine cleaners will remove dust buildup on your dashboard and console. The company also makes an aerosol spray that you can apply to a cloth and other materials. It leaves behind a light and refreshing scent that makes the interior smell clean.

Do you need to prep your vehicle first?

You do not need to do much prep work before using most of these products. Eagle Automotive makes a surface prep mat that you might want to use. This mat features different materials that attract dust and other debris on your vehicle. It also has various surfaces for buffing the finish and for applying products.

What is a detailing kit?

If you are not sure what detailing products to use, look for an Eagle Automotive detailing kit. These kits include multiple bottles and products that are safe for all types of vehicles. Some kits come with just a few essential bottles of shine and wipe and other detailing supplies. Other kits focus on cleaning the interior or exterior of a car. You can also get complete kits that include a prep cloth and products for interior and exterior use.