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Fireplace Mantels & Surrounds

A fireplace can add warmth and a glow to a room on a chilly evening. Adding a rustic or classic mantel can enhance the visual aspect of a fireplace and create a beautiful room centerpiece. The many colors and styles available for fireplace mantels and surrounds can help you find just the right piece to coordinate with your home decor.

What is the difference between fireplace mantels and surrounds?

Strictly speaking, a mantel is a shelf above the fireplace, and a surround consists of a mantel shelf and two side pieces to create a three-sided border. There is some overlap in these two terms, and though they are separate items, they can frequently be mentioned together or even interchangeably.

What kinds of materials are mantels and surrounds made from? 

Most fireplace mantels are made of wood or stone. Woods typically used for mantels include oak, cherry, and walnut. Natural or cast rock and marble are some of the most common choices for a stone mantel. Polyurethane designs that mimic the look of wood or stone fireplace mantels can also be an option.

What room themes could be enhanced with a fireplace mantel?

A mantel can complement many interior designs, depending on the type of material used and any extra details. Rustic room designs, such as a cabin or woods theme, can be enhanced by using reclaimed or distressed wood. A simple fireplace mantel could fit into a homey family room, while a fancier and more ornate mantel piece can lend a stately touch to a fireplace in a library or formal room.

Can mantels and surrounds be used on electric fireplaces?

The same materials used for mantels on gas or wood-burning fireplaces can also be used on electric fireplaces. Some electric fireplaces come with a mantel already attached, or the mantel can be a separate piece that attaches to the wall. Whether your room contains a gas, wood-burning, or electric fireplace, a mantel or surround can be used to create a warming room focal point.

What are some of the colors and wood finishes available?

A mantel piece can have a white finish or be painted white to provide a clean and neutral style that coordinates well with other room decor. A dark wood finish, like espresso, can make a dramatic and striking fireplace mantel. A natural finish on oak, walnut, or cherry can bring out the grain pattern.

What are some design styles for mantels?

Fireplace mantels can feature ornamental elements such as an arched design, metal or carved wood antique finials, and decorative molding for visual interest. Reclaimed barn wood or an unfinished piece of oak or cherry can give your fireplace a rustic look.

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