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Fireplace Replacement Parts

Refurbishing your stove and replacing some of the parts ensures that it is functional when your place needs heating. The type of fireplace in your house will dictate the most suitable replacement parts to buy. If you are installing new fireplace screens or inserts, switching from propane to wood, or are you looking to boost the aesthetics of your natural-gas hearth, you can find all of your fireplace replacement parts here.

Can you add a fireplace blower/fan kit in your fireplace?

If you have a Marco fireplace, you have the option of installing a fan kit after it has been set up. If your fireplace is made by Martin and comes with louvers and grills, it can accommodate a blower. A fan or blower helps with heat distribution and control in your natural-gas heating appliance. However, the initial installation must include an electrical feed to the junction. If you are sprucing up your fireplace and want to include a fan, ensure you get one that corresponds to the heating model in your home.

How can you enhance the aesthetics of your fireplace?

When repairing or refurbishing your heating unit, you can add a few parts to give your propane fireplace and hearth area the look you have always wanted. The fireplace accessories you select will depend on the décor theme and budget.

  • Fireplace surround – The surround includes a mantle, outer hearth, and back panel, which you can buy as a single kit or separate pieces.
  • Fireplace inserts – An insert is suitable for a masonry fireplace that needs an upgrade for better efficiency. An insert will burn pellets, logs, or gas. They also add a decorative element to your stove.
  • Fireplace panels – Another way to boost the appearance of your hearth is to line it with a panel. Refractory panels are designed in a variety of styles and shapes. They are heat resistant and limit heat transfer in the firebox region.
Which remote control suits your fireplace?

Fireplaces come with several remote control alternatives. The number of features and the type of natural gas stove should guide your choice.

  • SMART-BATT – This is suited for a hearth that was wired without electricity. The remote uses thermostatic temperature control to turn the flame on/off. It has a child-safety feature and a countdown timer.
  • SMART-STAT – It requires 120 volts to be wired to a furnace. You can set the temperature between 45 and 99 degrees using the thermostatic settings.
  • RCT-MLT – It doubles as a remote thermostat for Heatilator fireplaces. Fan setting adjustment is one of its top features. The LED/LCD readout tells you the temperature in a room.
Which parts are necessary for furnace heat regulation?

Your propane fireplace has to maintain comfortable heating temperatures at all times. A wood burning stove must satisfy specific regulations as well. When upgrading or servicing your fireplace, some replacement components will help with heat regulation, and these include; gas valves, igniter kits, regulators, hoses, and gas log starters.