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Fog and Driving Lights for Mitsubishi RVR

The RVR by Mitsubishi began as a multi-purpose utility vehicle, or MVR, for its first two generations. It was then converted into a crossover sport utility vehicle. With a wide selection of driving and fog lights to choose from you can find what you need for your Mitsubishi RVR.

What are features of Mitsubishi RVRs driving and fog lights?
  • Range of shapes and sizes: Fog lights for RVR cars can be found in straight bar, curved bar, and round configurations.
  • High coverage area for illumination: The lights offer a high coverage area for illumination ahead of you, so that you can see the cars that are ahead while driving the RVR. The rear lights provide adequate illumination, so that the cars traveling behind you can see where your Mitsubishi is on the road.
  • Transparent covers for the delivery of white light: The transparent acrylic covers with chrome assemblies allow for the delivery of white light from the bulbs. The clear covers disperse the light in all directions so that you can see other vehicles.
How do you choose driving or fog lights?
  • Select the model year of the RVR: Choose the year that your RVR was produced. Different model years of these cars have slightly different shapes and sizes for the assemblies of the lights.
  • Choose the type of bulb: Choose the type of bulb that you want to install in the assemblies for the lights. The options are xenon halogen and light emitting diode bulbs. Select the correct wattage for the bulb. If you are unsure, your Mitsubishis owners manual should have the information in it.
  • Select the placement on the Mitsubishi: Choose lights for the front drivers side, passenger side, or rear of your Mitsubishi RVR. There are a variety of manufacturers that make OEM and aftermarket parts like bulbs and light assemblies for the Mitsubishi RVR. There are OEM parts and products made by Auto DN, Honda, IC Beamer, and WD Express. You can also select unbranded products.
How do you replace a bulb in a fog light?

It is important to replace any bulbs that have burned out in the assemblies for the lights on your Mitsubishi. To change the bulb:

  1. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the lens and wiring harness of the light assembly.
  2. Wash any dirt or residue off the assembly cover and dry it with a clean microfiber cloth.
  3. Apply pressure to the clip that holds the bulb in place.
  4. Gently pull the bulb straight out of the assembly.
  5. Insert the new bulb, taking care not to touch the glass.
  6. If you need to replace the entire assembly, you will need to remove the old units mounting screws. Lift the entire assembly out.
  7. Put the new assembly into its place.
  8. Reattach the lens and screw it into place. Turn on the engine to check the lights performance.