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Nissan Pathfinder Car and Truck Fog Driving Lights

Nissan Pathfinder fog and driving lights are available in several styles. Different kinds of bulbs can be used to achieve different results. Cleaning your fog lights regularly will increase the safety of your vehicle.

What styles of Nissan driving headlights are available?

All different styles of Nissan fog lights are available, including individualized, factory, projector, and daytime running lights.

  • Individualized Nissan fog light bulbs come in different hues including clear, yellow, and orange. Bezels and lenses combine to create different looks depending upon the particular pieces that are put together.
  • Factory fog lights are typically clear bezels with clear lenses. There is often an overlay over the bulb that creates an orange or yellow hue.
  • Nissan projector fog lights come in LED, DRL, and halo styles. These are designed to project light even further than the standard distance in front of a vehicle. This can help drivers see in hazy or unclear weather with excessive precipitation. LED fog lights are named due to the type of LED bulb that they require to function. DRL fog lights include a bar over the main portion that narrows the beam. Halo beams have a ring around the center that serves the same function.
  • Daytime running beams serve as another type of driving beam. They are on whenever the car is on as opposed to headlights or fog beams, which typically have to be switched on. Daytime running lights increase visibility of your Nissan Pathfinder so that other drivers can see you regardless of time or weather.
What types of Nissan Pathfinder bulbs are options?

LED, incandescent, and halogen bulbs are all options for Nissan Pathfinder fog light bulbs. LED bulbs are typically the smallest of the three and burn for the longest. They use the least amount of energy to function. Halogen bulbs have a capsule around the filament and burn especially brightly. Incandescent bulbs are the most common and give off a warmer, yellow hue.

What are differences between Nissan fog lights and head beams?

Pathfinder fog lights are situated lower on the vehicle than head beams. They illuminate terrain from the bottom, which can be helpful for drivers in bad weather or haze created by fog, sand, dirt, or other elements. Regular beams shine straight through the mess and can sometimes cause glare.

How do you clean Nissan Pathfinder fog lights?

Pathfinder beams are often taken care of through regular car washes. In the event that you have to wash your lights separately, rub them with a soft cloth dipped in warm water and soap. Continue until all of the dirt and debris is gone and the bulbs are clean. Rinse them with clean water and dry them with another soft cloth. Keeping dirt off of fog lights helps increase the safety of your Nissan Pathfinder.