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Nissan Quest Car and Truck Fog Driving Lights

Fog lights are a type of optional, specialized lighting for use when you are driving in bad weather conditions with thick fog or heavy snow. The fog lights are mounted underneath the headlights, and they are sometimes referred to as driving lights. You may need to replace the assembly for the fog lights or the bulb that goes into the lighting assembly of your Nissan Quest car or truck so that you can maintain the desired level of visibility in bad weather.

What are the features of fog lights for Nissan Quests?
  • Lenses that reduce glare from fog and snow: The lenses of these specialty driving lights reduce glare from near objects in the air, including the moisture of a fog cloud and dense snowflakes.
  • Bright white lighting: The light-emitting diode units in the assemblies deliver bright white illumination so that you can see what is in front of your truck when traveling at a low rate of speed.
  • Yellow or transparent lens: The lenses may be transparent or yellow. The yellow is thought to cut down on glare and to differentiate between daytime running lamps and low-beam lights.
How do you choose fog driving lights for Nissan Quests?
  • Select the model year and trim level of your vehicle: Different years of these automobiles have slightly different sizes and shapes of the headlights and fog lights. Some model years use xenon halogen lamps whereas others use light-emitting diodes, incandescent products, or high-intensity discharge units.
  • Choose the placement on the truck: Select products that fit under the drivers side headlight or the passengers side headlight on the front end of the automobile.
  • Select a manufacturer for the lighting parts: There are many manufacturers of products for driving in fog. Select Nissan as the original equipment manufacturer for these parts. There are also illumination assemblies made by Auto DN, IC Beamer, Philips, Porsche, Sylvania, Toyota, and WD Express. You can also choose unbranded assemblies.
How do you install bulbs into fog lights?

The fog light bulbs should be aimed so that the light streams do not extend past the top of your car. When you need to replace a bulb in the assembly for these driving lights, begin by removing the lens. Use your fingers to open the clamps holding the bulb in place. Pull the bulb straight out of the assembly while holding the bulbs base. Push the replacement bulb into the housing. Reattach the lens. Turn on the engine of your Nissan Quest to the run or auxiliary position and check the function of the lights and position of the beam. Turn off the engine before making any adjustments to the angle of the bulb assembly. Once you are satisfied with where the beams illuminate objects in front of your vehicle, reattach the screws.