Force Outboard Trim and Tilt

Just like when you drive a car, there are aspects of boating like the power trim and tilt for your Force outboard motor that can make the marine experience better. You’ll find the control for the motors power tilt and trim on the manual throttle control of your boat. This switch directly affects the positioning of the outboard engine at the rear of the vessel.

What are the functions of a power trim and tilt?

As you might expect, there are two functions of the power trim and tilt switch that directly affect the engine of your boat. These aspects of your outboard are typically controlled directly on the throttle control of your Force motor. Additionally, some models also use a switch located directly on your boat’s dash in order to control this feature. Here’s how each work :

  • Tilt: This is the single less powerful ram or piston at the base of your boat’s motor. When you engage the tilt ram, it will raise or lower the boat’s motor to a great degree so that the motor will either be facing downwards into a water-safe positioning or so that it’s positioned well out of the water. The primary use of tilt is to raise and lower the motor when you’re loading and unloading your boat onto your trailer. If you moor your boat, it can keep your motors out of the water during off-times and extend the longevity of the component.
  • Trim: This more compact system of rams or pistons is used to get fine-tuned performance out of your boat as you’re sailing along the waves. The harder you pull the motor in, the more your boat will go into a nose-down position. Trim is important for getting on plane, a significantly fuel-efficient angle of propulsion.
Can these components be retrofitted?

Force motors from the 1980s and 1990s can have a power tilt and trim component retrofitted into them. Both OEM and aftermarket options are available to choose from.

Do these features need to be maintained?

Like any outboard motor component, you’ll have to perform maintenance on these features so that you won’t face issues down the line. In order to keep the rams working well, you’ll need to add tilt and trim oil.

Adding this oil requires that you remove a fill screw for both rams using a flathead screwdriver. Once this is removed, you simply squeeze in the fluid until the internal compartment is filled.