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Understanding Frymaster Commercial Fryers

Frymaster commercial fryers offer an efficient and affordable way to quickly prepare fried foods such as fried chicken or french fries in a restaurant kitchen. These versatile deep fryers come in a variety of configurations to meet the different capacity needs of your restaurant kitchen. Understanding the different types of units and how they perform will help you make a smart buying decision.

What types of Frymasters are there?

Understanding the different types of Frymasters based on pot shapes is important before deciding on a unit. The variety of pot shapes lend themselves to creating ideal cooking conditions for different foods. Different pot shapes include:

  • Tube-style pots: Tube-style pots feature a deep vat with a series of tubes along the bottom of the vat, running from front to back. These tubes hold the gas burners that heat the oil. Tube-style pots are suitable for highly breaded food that produces sediment.
  • Open-pot pots: These feature a deep vat with a groove or channel along the center of the bottom of the vat. These units are ideal for low-sediment menu items such as french fries or items that are frozen when added to the fryer.
  • Flat-bottom pots: These pots feature a deep vat with a completely flat bottom. These easily cleaned units are ideal for battered foods that create a high volume of sediment, such as battered fish fillets.
What is the difference between gas and electric fryers?

Most commercial restaurant or institutional kitchens are equipped with gas lines as well as electric power. While electric units allow for a better and more efficient transfer of heat to fry the food in the oil, gas units are quicker to heat up and cool down, making food frying prep and clean up faster tasks. Electric units use burners submerged within the oil, making them slightly slower than their gas counterparts. Both are still solid options, however.

What should you look for in a refurbished Frymaster?

Refurbished units found on eBay should be fully cleaned, including the frypot, tubing, filter, and any other equipment or accessories. Gas units should have fully functional lines with cutoff handles or knobs that have been tested to work. Built-in filtration systems should be fully operational. Any programmable or computerized parts on higher-end fryers should work without error or shutdown.

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