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What to Consider When Choosing External Hard Disk Drives

G-Technology is a brand known for making mobile data storage devices. They make SSD drives as well as SATA style hard drives. Their drives feature durable enclosures, and they are lightweight and portable, which is good for on the go use. These drives are USB compatible, which means you can use them with nearly any laptop or desktop computer that has USB ports. These drives come with many different storage capacities, so you can find one that works for your specific data storage needs. 

What are FireWire 800 External Hard Disk Drives Commonly Used For?

External hard drives are used for many different things.

  • Some people use these hard drives to store data that cannot fit on their computer. Others use them as backup devices. This can help ensure that your important data, or your favorite family pictures are safe, even if something happens to your computer.
  • People also use these drives to share data with others. Because these external hard drives are portable, they are very useful for transferring large amounts of data from one area to another.
  • These mobile drives are small enough to take on the go, and you can share your data with nearly any other USB compatible device. 

How much Storage Capacity do These External Hard Disk Drives Have? 

G-Technology FireWire 800 external hard drives have varying amounts of storage space. Some of these devices have a good deal of storage space. The largest have up to 12 TB of space, while others have 8 TB, 4 TB, 2 TB, or 1 TB. For those who need less than a TB of storage space, you can find these drives with 500 GB of storage space. 

What Special Features do FireWire 800 External Hard Disk Drives Have?

These hard drives have several special features. One thing that sets them apart is that they can connect to computers and other devices using FireWire as well as USB.

  • FireWire connections allow you to transfer data at a much faster rate than standard USB,  USB 2, and USB 3 ports.
  • These hard drives also spin at a high RPM. Unlike SSD drives, FireWire 800 hard disk drives feature a spinning disk that stores data. The speed of rotation dictates how quickly the drive can store and access data, and these drives have a speed of at least 7200 RPM.
  • They have an overall data transfer rate of over 440 MB/s. The aluminium casing on these drives keeps them lightweight, while also ensuring the drives stay protected.

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