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Selecting the Right GE Telephone Battery for Your Needs

Telephone batteries are essential pieces of hardware for long-term operation of your mobile device. The batteries can expand the potential offered by your phone's default power options. In some cases, the GE telephone battery kit can allow previous corded devices to operate as mobile devices.

What are GE telephone batteries?

The GE telephone batteries are intended to function as replacement hardware for cordless phones that require an external power source. The device is intended for use with a corded device, which means it is not designed to be utilized with smartphones. Instead, the hardware is capable of expounding on the battery capacity found on standard hardware.

External power hardware is generally small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. They take the shape of a small, circular lithium power source inside of a rubber pouch. From the pouch, a thin power line is connected. This cable is used to connect the power source to the cordless phone. These power sources can be reused and exchanged with other pieces of hardware.

How do you install a GE telephone battery?
  1. Step 1: Locate the end of your cordless phone. Find the reception area, which is almost always at the tail end of the right side of the phone. Remove the previous hardware. If there is installation hardware involved, put it aside for later use.
  2. Step 2: Remove any debris from the reception area. Debris includes unwanted particles, dust, hair, food, and liquids. Use a sterile cleaning device such as a cotton swab to do this.
  3. Step 3: Insert the new power hardware in the reception area. The connective hardware is located at the end of the wire protruding from the rubber power. Once the wire is fastened to the tail-end of the phone, turn the phone's power switch on to confirm its functionality. If the power indicator is lit green or white, installation was successful.
Are GE telephone batteries universal power sources?

GE has designed the powerful hardware to be universal with all phone devices. The hardware does not interfere with any of the device's standard functions. Additionally, the hardware can be utilized in tandem with other pieces of external hardware. With all models of the target device, the battery indicator can be identified with a small spectrum of colors. In the vast majority of cases, green and white lights indicate full or near full power, yellow indicates medium, and lastly red indicates a dead or near-dead power source.

What are some features of a GE cordless phone battery?

The hardware is fully rechargeable. Utilize the included power converter to attach the device, disconnected from the target device, to a standard power outlet. The device will be charged fully within 20 minutes. Power lasts between three to four hours on standard variations of the hardware. In some cases, the power output time will be slightly larger or lesser than indicated here.

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