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Quick Guide to the Garmin Speed Cadence Sensor

Whether you have been cycling for years or just starting out as a new hobby, a speed sensor is a valuable asset to your training. You can easily find a large variety of affordably priced new and used Garmin speed cadence sensors on eBay. Here is a brief guide to help you select the right speed sensor to meet your needs.

How does the speed sensor work?

The Garmin speed cadence sensor is a combination of a speed and a cadence sensor for cyclists. The speed sensor connects to the wheel hub of your bike and automatically calibrates to track your speed and distance. The cadence sensor attaches to the crank arm and measures how many times you pedal per minute. The Garmin speed cadence sensor works similarly to a pedometer for walking or running by accurately tracking your overall energy output. These sensors fasten to any size crank arm and wheel hub allowing them to be used for both indoor and outdoor cycling workouts. You can easily find Garmin speed sensors, cadence sensors, and Garmin speed cadence sensor combination units on eBay.

What features are available on Garmin speed cadence sensors?

Garmin speed cadence sensors have a number of features, including:

  • Water resistance - Water resistant up to ten meters, allowing you to use them even when it's raining
  • Pairing abilities - Able to pair with compatible devices and apps
  • Easy installation - Wireless sensors install quickly and easily
What devices can be paired with Garmin speed cadence sensors?

The Garmin speed cadence sensors can be paired with a large number of compatible devices and apps. They can be paired with a number of GPS systems including the Garmin Edge line. They can also be paired with multiple fitness apps on a variety of cell phones. For more information on specific pairing questions see the manufacturer site for additional details.

How do you pair both the speed and cadence sensor?

If you are having trouble pairing both the Garmin speed sensor and the Garmin cadence sensor with a device or app, it may be because you are trying to pair them separately. To pair the Garmin speed and cadence sensor combination you should scroll through the pairing options that show on the device and select the search all option. While your device is searching, ensure that both sensors are active so that the device can find them. Many devices and apps that will pair with the Garmin speed and cadence sensor will have trouble locating the sensors if they are in standby mode. Each Garmin speed cadence sensor may have a slightly different procedure, so refer to the manufacturer instructions when pairing.

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