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Garmin Car GPS Holders and Mounts

Keep Tabs on Your GPS with a Garmin Friction Mount

Picking up a package at a designated shipping services warehouse may require navigating unfamiliar streets. A Garmin dashboard mount designed for a GPS unit allows drivers to stay on top of their route. eBay lists scores of inexpensive Garmin GPS dash mount models for those wishing to keep their device in place.

What type of mounts does the Garmin brand offer?

A buyer examining the different new and pre-owned Garmin mounts on eBay may notice different constructs for Garmin GPS dash mounts. The variations of available mounts allows you to choose the one best suited for you and your needs. Three of the most well-known mounts are:

  • Adhesive Mounts - A disk with an adhesive substance sticks to the dashboard of a vehicle. Paper covers the adhesive material. Pulling away the paper exposes the material and allows it to stick to the desired surface. The GPS holder then connects to the sticky mount base.
  • Suction Cup Mounts - As the name implies, a Garmin suction cup mount uses suction pressure to hold a device in place. One end presents a suction cup while the other offers a clip designed to keep the GPS held securely. The suction requires a windshield or a flat surface to work. Without a smooth, flat surface, the suction cup wont remain in place.
  • Friction Mounts - The special design of a Garmin friction mount employs a non-skid material. Friction mounts do not require hardware installation nor the use of adhesives.
Does a Garmin GPS mount work universally with all devices?

No, not every Garmin GPS mount works with all models of GPS. Not every GPS is the same size, so the holders design must present a proper fit. Review the specs on the GPS mount packaging as it should list the compatible models and do so by model number.

What is the push-to-lock design on a GPS mount?

Securing the GPS mount to a windshield or flat surface remains critically important when desiring to keep the device in place. The GPS must stay securely affixed to the windshield mount as well. A push-to-lock design supports a snug fit for the appropriately sized GPS unit. With this mechanism, users position the GPS over the face of the mount. The GPS device is then pushed into place beyond components that snap into place. Once properly affixed in this type of dashboard mount, the GPS stays snug.

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