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Garmin Motorcycle GPS Units

Conquer the Open Road With a Garmin Motorcycle GPS

Riding a motorcycle to parts unknown can be a great way to experience new places and things. A Garmin motorcycle GPS can help you make sure that those new places are never too unfamiliar. Explore the various features and affordable options for these devices on eBay, and choose the model that works for you.

How does a Garmin motorcycle GPS connect to your bike?

Most Garmin motorcycle GPS units you will find on eBay support a hands-free installation so you can access them while riding. You can attach the GPS to your handlebars to keep it close yet out of your way. Some common ways you might mount the unit of your choice include:

  • Brackets - You can use the included mounting hardware and screws to affix your Garmin motorcycle GPS to your bike.
  • Hooks - Some Garmin motorcycle GPS mounts are designed to be clipped or unclipped with ease. These models may have hooks that are the proper size for most handlebars.
How can a motorcycle GPS give you directions?

Garmin motorcycle GPS units arent just for showing you information about your current location. Theyre great for telling you where you are, but they can also help you get where youre going. Many models feature an easy-to-use interface that can provide you with the quickest route to your destination. You just need to tap a button, enter the nearest location, and tell the GPS where you want to go. Some interfaces have complex menus, but Garmins motorcycle GPS menus make it easy for you to plot a course from the road. You can customize the menus in some models and save frequent destinations in the units memory.

What are some main features of Garmin motorcycle GPS devices?

You can choose from a variety of features when it comes to the motorcycle GPS you want. Some of the most common features that might be included with these devices are:

  • Updates - Depending on the model you choose, your Garmin motorcycle GPS can provide you with real-time map or traffic updates to make sure you stay current.
  • Music - Some models have support for a headphone jack. You can plug in your headphones and access your favorite music or audiobooks thanks to the network connectivity on your GPS.
  • Calls - With the push of a button, you can place calls to friends and family right from your GPS units interface. Connect a headset, and youre ready to go.
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