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Gasoline Lawn Edgers

If youre trying to get those neat, professional-looking lines around your lawn near walkways and walls, then a gas edger may be just what you need. These tools are specifically designed to give the grass a nice edge, and the engine has enough power to get through tough objects like roots.

What are the different types of lawn edgers?

Fuel edgers come in two distinctive types, and each serves a slightly different purpose. Pole units look similar to weed whackers, but the cutter is vertical rather than horizontal, and the fuel tank is on the other side. Edgers have two or three wheels near the blade to help stabilize it as you cut through the grass to make an edge. The pole improves mobility so that you can reach tight corners. They are also light and can be easily carried while providing significant power.

The other fuel unit is a walk-behind model. These look like small lawn mowers and usually have four wheels, but some models have two or three wheels. The handle is wide enough to accommodate two hands. A walk-behind fuel edger can often carry more fuel than a pole edger, and the engine tends to have more power, but they are heavier and less mobile.

How many blades are available with fuel edgers?

Fuel units have three different types of blades to choose from.

  • Star blades: These look similar to stars and have three to eight points. They can be used for general edging and tend to work well along stone surfaces and retaining walls.
  • Flat blades: These are often rectangular in shape and are made for performing general tasks. They can be used in most environments and are useful around driveways and walkways.
  • Scoop-end blades: The scoop part here is used to dig through things like mulching, flower beds, or other thick covers. This helps create lines with the fuel cutter in areas with ground cover.
What other features can you find in a gas edger?
  • Height adjustment: This is applicable to both walk-behind and pole gas models. It adjusts how deep the cutter goes so that you dont dig into the soil, improving your line while also contributing to the longevity of the cutter.
  • Bevel adjustment: This feature is optional with gas units. Youll find that its useful if you have trees or flower beds. This will tilt the cutter slightly so that you can make lines around these areas without hitting the trees or flowers.
  • Trenching mode: Trenching mode is similar to height adjustment but a little different. This mode will sink the cutter deeply into the ground to remove roots or aerate the soil. It goes much deeper than regular height adjustment would normally allow.