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Considerations for Choosing Gateway PCs, Laptops & Netbooks With Windows XP

Windows XP PC laptops and netbooks, such as those from Gateway, are available in a variety of different styles. Features depend on the particular model you're considering. Computers from this brand were first made in 1985, and these desktop and laptop computers have been made by the brand through an agreement with its parent company, Acer, since 2007.

What types of Gateway laptops and netbooks are available?

Windows XP laptops and netbooks come in a variety of different styles and hardware offerings, including convertible 2-in-1 machines and tablets, netbooks, and laptops.

  • 2-in-1 designs often start as laptop silhouettes with a display and a keyboard attached at a hinge joint. In convertible designs, the display folds away from the keyboard, which is disabled and turns the device into a tablet. An on-screen keyboard is available for typing and most models have touchscreen displays as well. These are ideal for students or creative workers with diverse computing needs.
  • Netbooks, notebooks, and laptops look roughly the same. Each has a display that faces the viewer with a full keyboard connected by a hinge. Each of the three models functions slightly differently with regard to capability. Laptops are capable of the largest number of commands while notebooks and netbooks have slightly less capability.
How much memory is included in Microsoft Windows XP computers?

Different models of Windows XP PC computers and netbooks have varying amounts of memory. Ranges include less than 1 GB to as much as 4 GB. The more memory a device has, the more information it can store in various forms. This includes files, documents, pictures, and videos. Memory can also help the device to load and perform faster, depending on a particular task.

What kinds of operating systems are options?

Home, Media Center, Professional, and Tablet PC system editions are available. Each system suits slightly different needs. Home is the standard edition while Media Center caters toward pictures and videos. Professional focuses on office-style applications, and the Tablet PC operating system has to do with device configuration.

What display sizes are there?

Display sizes come in ranges of 15 to 15.9 inches, 14 to 14.9 inches, and less than 12 inches. Displays are measured diagonally from corner to corner. Some keyboard features may be available on larger devices that are not available or possible on devices with smaller displays. These features might include a number pad or separate arrow keys.

What are care tips for a Windows device?

Windows XP PC computers and netbooks can be wiped down periodically with a clean, soft cloth to remove dust, spots, and dirt. In time, displays have a tendency to attract debris like crumbs, fur, and dead skins cells. Taking the time to remove these substances can help to keep the computer in proper working condition. If the device is a touchscreen, consider turning it off or going to a blank document or browser page before cleaning or applying pressure to the screen.

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