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Gillette Men's Razor Blades

Gillette was founded in 1901 in Boston as a safety razor manufacturer and expanded to offer men's and women's razor blades, trimmers, and other personal care products. Now a brand of Procter & Gamble, the company makes razor blades for men and women. Products for men include Good News disposable double-blade shavers, Sensor 3, Mach 3, stylers and trimmers, and the Gillette Fusion series.

What five-blade men's razors does the brand sell?

Gillette makes five-blade men's Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor blades and handles with FlexBall technology, which makes contact with facial contours to reach more hairs while shaving. Fusion 5, ProGlide, Shield, and Chill models offer various options for men's shaving needs. Refillable cartridges, grips, and disposable versions are available in the Gillette Fusion ProGlide series.

  • Gillette Fusion Proshield includes lubrication before and after blades.
  • Gillette Fusion Chill has cooling technology.
  • Gillette Fusion Proglide features low-resistance coating and lubricated strips.
  • Gillette Fusion 5 razor blades have five closely-spaced blades and a precision trimmer.

Does Gillette make a three-blade razor for men?

Gillette's Mach3 offers three blades and lubrication strips for sensitive skin. The Turbo model has skin guard fins. Disposable Mach products are available in regular and sensitive versions. Gillette also offers Razor blades in cartridge refills for Mach handles.

What other disposable products does Gillette make?

Several types of disposable two-, three-, and five-blade razors are available, including Sensor5 and Sensor3 disposables, which have lubrication included. CustomPlus3 are soothing three-blade razors that have comfort lubrastrips for sensitive skin. Regular Mach3 and sensitive Mach razors come in packages of three and six. Sensor2 Plus, pivoting, and fixed blade models come in packs of five and 12. The Sensor Simple3 blade disposable razor has a lubrastrip and is intended to provide seven clean shaves per razor.

What replacement razor blade cartridges does Gillette offer?

Gillette makes replacement blades for all of its razor handles, including the Fusion Razor, Mach3, Gillette Fusion ProGlide, Sensor 3, and Atra Plus razors. Atra grips are no longer manufactured, but replacement cartridges continue to be available. Fusion series razor blade refills and cartridges are available in packages of two, four, and eight. Mach line refill cartridges are available in packages of two, five, eight, and 12.

Does Gillette make other men's shaving products?

Gillette makes an all-purpose everyday use styler that trims, shaves, and edges. The model is waterproof and includes Braun-trimming technology with three combs for different beard and mustache styling and trimming. The product fits Fusion5 blade refills for custom shaving needs.