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Gladiator Sandals and Flip Flops for Women

A variety of women's footwear helps you to be comfortable no matter the time of the year. When it comes to unique styles, look no further than gladiator sandals and flip flops for women. These women's sandals come in multiple colors and styles to match nearly any outfit you have.

How do you select gladiator sandals for women?

Once you have decided you want to purchase gladiator sandals, you will need to make a few decisions about your purchase. You will need to consider factors such as

  • Size: Be sure you are shopping for the correct size shoe. If you have not recently had your feet measured, now is the time to do so. Your feet can change sizes as an adult due to pregnancy, weight loss or gain, and lower limb injuries.
  • Straps: Do you want them to be thick or thin? You may prefer the stability of thicker straps, or prefer the aesthetic look of the thin type on your gladiator sandals.
  • Color: Do you need your gladiator sandals to match or coordinate with a certain outfit? Are they for a special occasion? If so, you may want to choose a metallic color.
  • Heel: Do you want heels or flats? Remember to keep in mind the occasion or function in which you will be wearing the shoes.
  • Length: How far up your leg do you want the straps to go? This is mainly a matter of personal preference.
How do you tie your gladiator sandals?

Gladiator sandals provide you with a unique yet sophisticated look. They also provide you with some options as to how you want to wear them. If your gladiator sandals have long straps, you have the choice of tying them around your ankles or around your legs. Here is how to tie them each way.

  • Ankles: Keep all materials below the calf when you are tying them. Wrap one strap around your ankle in a clockwise direction and the other in a counterclockwise direction, leaving only enough of the length remaining to make a knot.
  • Legs: You will want to make as few revolutions around your leg as possible, perhaps only once or twice around your leg. The point where the materials cross should be on the back of your calf muscles, which makes it so they do not fall down. Tie them together in a knot just below your knees.