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Gun Smithing and Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your guns is imperative to them firing safely and accurately, and you'll find a wide range of tools available. Basic firearm maintenance kits will assist with your day-to-day cleaning. Having gunsmithing tools at your disposal will help you make modifications and repairs on a wide range of firearms in your collection.

What are some common gun maintenance products?

Proper tools will help you keep your firearms in optimal condition. For regular maintenance, a comprehensive cleaning kit that includes aluminum rods, brass wire brushes, and mops in a variety of sizes will serve you well. Knowing how to keep your equipment clean will increase their effectiveness, longevity, and value.

What are basic smithing tools?

The world of the gunsmith is wide and varied, so there are many types of smithing equipment from which you can choose. When you're shopping for the proper crafting and repair components, there are a few key items you should add to your kit.

  • A gunsmith vice is a piece of smithing equipment that will allow you to keep your firearm in place as you make needed repairs. Much of the maintenance work that a smith does requires modifying various iron or other metal parts. A specialized smithing vice will hold the piece stable while you work on it so that you can apply force without damaging the item.
  • A gunsmithing sight adjustment tool will allow you to make the sight modifications that guns often require without having to take it to a smith. In the course of normal use, the sites can become inaccurate, and this tool allows you to readjust them with ease even as you hone your smithing and crafting skills.
  • A nylon-and-brass hybrid hammer is a specialized tool for gunsmithing. Unlike regular hammers with metal heads, the hybrid hammer has one end made of brass while the other is made of nylon. This hammer gives you flexibility to perform a variety of tasks without damaging the weapon. There are times when you'll need to give the weapon a firm tap, and you'll use the brass end for this; the nylon end is for more delicate work.
  • Along with adjusting the sights on your firearms, a trigger pull scale allows you to modify the trigger area to ensure both accuracy and safety.
  • A gunsmith screwdriver set will help you perform any initial or advanced smithing work. It's one of the first sets of smithing tools you'll need, and even as you improve the level of your crafting and smithing skill, these screwdrivers will remain handy. They are specially beveled and tapered to fit into the edges of your metal screws, so you won't risk stripping the screws or scratching the finish on the iron or metal coating.