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Finding and Using Laptop Stands, Risers, and Mounts

A laptop stand can make a long day at work a lot easier on your body. The right model for you depends on your computer and your workspace, so it is a very individual decision. Companies like HP make a lot of different types of stand so there are plenty to choose from.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Laptop Stand?

  • Bending your head forward to look down at your screen all the time can cause neck strain and back problems. Using a stand to raise your laptop or desktop monitor up closer to eye level lets you maintain a more natural head position. Depending on the design, it can even let you stand up while you work.
  • A laptop or notebook stand can also position the keyboard at a more ergonomic angle. This helps to avoid elbow and wrist injuries by placing your arms in a more natural position for typing.
  • By lifting your notebook away from your desk, a laptop stand can help its fans to work more efficiently and allow more airflow around the casing. This helps to prevent your computer from overheating. This is especially useful if you use your device in bed, as resting it directly on the sheets can pull dust into the fan vents.

Which Features Can I Look For In a Stand?

  • People come in different sizes. An adjustable stand lets you set your notebook at exactly the right height above your desk for you. Adjustable angles mean that you can also tilt the keyboard to the most comfortable angle for your wrists. Some adjustable height stands are also foldable which makes them easier to store.
  • Some HP stands are just folding risers for your notebook, but others act as docking stations too. Some contain built-in USB hubs or even cooling fans.
  • Look for a stand that holds your laptop securely. The last thing you want is for a fragile notebook to slip from its stand and bounce off your desk. Some cradles will adjust enough to hold a tablet as well as a laptop.

Which Types of Stand Can I choose From?

  • Folding dual hinge stands are extremely adjustable, so you get a lot of control over the height and position of your screen.
  • Fixed stands aren't as adjustable, but having fewer moving parts makes them more durable and quicker to set up.
  • A monitor arm is a bit more specialized. It holds your desktop monitor in place, making it easier to keep it up at eye level and maintain a correct distance between you and it. Sitting too close to a bright LCD display can contribute to eye strain and using an arm will help to prevent this.

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