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HP Network Server Power Supplies

HP Network Server Power Supplies for Your Growing Business

Small and growing businesses rely on in-house servers for cost-effective, high-performance outcomes. HP Network server energy supplies are designed for a range of businesses and business needs, regardless of the size of your business or your future plans for growth. Choosing the affordable supplies that work best for your business will keep your server performing to its full potential at every stage in your businesss development.

How many watts does a typical server need?

Individual servers require approximately 200 to 450 watts per hour, though some models offer much higher wattages. Amp and voltage meters can help you determine the exact wattage requirement for your in-house server. They can also assist you in determining your typical energy usage. This can help you determine the hot plug devices and add-ons that you might need.

Gamers and cryptocurrency miners typically require far more watts per hour than average server users, and that need must be supplied consistently and without interruption. Flex slot supply kits offer these users the chance to maintain efficiency while switching energy sources.

What network power supplies should a growing business have?

In-house servers have the ability to transfer data as quickly as 10 gigabits per second. This speed is essential for high-performance video production and other tasks. Maintaining these speeds requires network supplies such as:

  • High-efficiency power kits
  • Flex slot products
  • Common slot products
What high-efficiency energy supplies does a small business need?

HPs ProLiant series of servers are designed specifically for growing businesses. HPs microservers work well for home offices or small businesses that rely on high-quality graphics. These servers are energized by entry-level, single-source supplies that can be upgraded with hot-plug AC modules. Browse the HP supplies in this category, paying attention to features such as:

  • Redundant configurations
  • Non-redundant configurations
  • Efficiency ratings
  • AC inputs
  • Adaptable PSU
What power supplies does a mid-range business require?

Mid-range businesses may also rely on HPs ProLiant servers as they scale up. These servers are efficient when paired with flex slot kits or common slot kits that feature redundancies to ensure continuous operation. Some other available features and options include:

  • Compatibility across servers
  • Toolless installation
  • Hot swap capabilities
  • Input and output options
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