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Compact Printing with HP Tri-Color Ink Cartridges

When you have to print documents away from your home office, it helps to have a portable HP printer on hand. These mobile printers use special tri-color ink cartridges that hold cyan, yellow, and magenta ink all at once. The inkjet or laser printer will still dispense the right amount of ink and produce a quality printed document.

What are the model numbers of the tri-color ink cartridges?

HP tri-color cartridges will list their compatible printers on their original outer cardboard packaging. The HP printer will also list the ink cartridge model type near the print head and in the printed and electronic version of the instructions. The HP tri-color cartridge model numbers include the following:

  • 17, 22, 23, 28, 57
  • 60 / 60 XL, 61 / 61 XL, 62 / 62 XL, 63 / 63 XL, 64 / 64 XL, 65 / 65 XL
  • 75 / 75 XL, 78 / 78 XL
  • 93, 95, 97
  • 110, 125A, 126A, 128A, 304A, 305A, 901
Are there any care instructions for these ink cartridges?

There are a few things to keep in mind when storing, handling, and recycling these HP tri-color ink cartridges. The cartridge should remain sealed in the original factory packed protective plastic wrap until it is time to install them into its compatible printer. Follow the official ink cartridge installation instructions that are included with your HP printer. Avoid touching the nozzle during installation, and wash your hands and skin if the ink comes in contact. Store your extra supply of ink away from excessive heat.

When removing old cartridges, place tape over the ink nozzles to avoid making a mess when dropping them off for recycling. There might be a trace of ink left in the cartridge, even if it is marked as empty by the printer driver on the computer. The empty cartridges can be stored in a plastic bag until they can be placed in the proper recycling container. Some models of cartridges can be refilled with an ink refill kit. Make sure to read all instructions of the refill kit, and take precautions to not have the ink come in contact with hands and/or skin.

Why do some of the models include the letters XL?

Cartridges labeled with "High Yield XL" have more ink capacity than the regular cartridges. Since these cartridges hold more ink, it will take longer to use them up. Thus, they do not need to be changed or need a refill as frequently as the normal models. Check the packaging on the XL model to make sure that your HP printer can accept the XL version of the ink cartridges. The same safety measures should be taken with the high yield versions.

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