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Ford F650 Headlights

When the headlights on a Ford F650 model stop working, it can become very dangerous to travel on the road at night. As such, drivers should replace the headlights as soon as possible. When choosing Ford F650 headlights, you may have a number of different options that will improve your trucks performance and safety.

What parts make up a Ford F650 headlight assembly?

A headlight assembly for a Ford F650 is usually made up of three major components:

  • Bulbs: These are the components that actually produce the light that you use to see the road in front of you at night. In Ford trucks, the bulbs can be halogen lights, xenon lights, or LED lights. There are some differences between the three bulbs, so their advantages should be considered.
  • Lens: This component protects the bulb from potential road damage. It can be clear or slightly tinted depending on the look and type of lens. The lens also reflects the light from the bulb or projects the light, making the beams that you use to see the road at night brighter and safer.
  • Housing: This component holds the bulb and lens together. It also connects these two other components to the vehicle. The housing can have a number of different finishes that can give your Ford truck a complete or finished look.
What are the benefits of OEM headlights?

OEM stands for "Original Equipment Manufacturer". This means that any headlights or other car parts that have an OEM label were made for Ford by the manufacturer that was involved in making the original part. There are some benefits to choosing an OEM Ford truck headlight:

  • Specifications: OEM Ford truck headlights will be the exact same specifications as the headlights you are replacing. This means that they will work the way you expect them to.
  • Compatibility: Because OEM headlights were designed specifically for the Ford truck, you will not have to worry about modifying them in any way before they will work with the truck. This makes them quick and easy to install, which can be important especially if you want to install them yourself.
  • Safety: All OEM parts designed for Ford must meet certain safety standards in order for them to be road-legal. You can rest assured that replacement OEM headlights will meet these safety standards.
What are the benefits of aftermarket headlights?

There are several reasons you may want to go with aftermarket headlights for your Ford. These reasons include:

  • Additional options: In some cases, there may be headlight options that were not available for OEM Ford truck headlights. These options can include self-leveling lights, for example.
  • Appearance: Aftermarket vehicle headlights can look different from OEM truck headlights. Some aftermarket headlights, for example, may make your Ford look more rugged or more aggressive than the original OEM headlights.
  • Type of headlight: Some headlights use reflectors while others act as projectors. With aftermarket Ford truck headlights, you are not limited to what originally came with your vehicle.