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Heroscapes War Games

Heroscapes War Games, which includes a master set and expansion set, are played by gamers of all ages. Players have the ability to create imaginative worlds and fight epic battles between good and evil in a variety of terrains that can be altered with every game. Heroscape is made by Mattel and comes with a variety of characters in Marvel style, including dragons and actual Marvel characters.

How do you build a Heroscapes map?

To build a Heroscapes map, use the battlefield and game scenarios booklet. The booklet features five battlefields to choose from and step-by-step instructions for putting your chosen map together. It also includes three basic game scenarios where players can create battle conditions for expansion on treacherous terrain maps. An expansion set and master set is also available with various battlefield maps. The expansion set provides additional terrain, fighters, and heroes. The master set also allows for additional heroes, warriors, and an expansion of terrain maps. To start the game, players also must:

  • Choose an army: Player one is the good army, player two is the evil army.
  • Place an army card: Each player places the Heroscape army cards for the chosen army in front of them. The army cards pack contains fighters, including heroes and squad members. Marro warriors are examples of squad members.
What do the army card numbers mean?

The army card packs determine how far characters move for each turn, the range of their attacks, and the effectiveness of their attacks and defenses. For example, the Marro squad characters move a certain distance each turn because of their armor, have a range due to their weapons, have an attack effectiveness based on their fighting ability, and a defense effectiveness based on their armor.

How is Heroscape played?

To play Heroscape, players use attack and defense dice and army card packs to advance and retreat their armies, including fighters such as dragons and Marro warriors. On a players turn, he chooses an army card, moves the characters on the army card, and attacks with the heroes and squad members on the card. From there, the steps include:

  • Choosing an army card: Any army card can be chosen from the pack on the players turn. The chosen figures can move or attack if possible. The attack dice are used to attack, and the opponent uses the defense dice in response.
  • Moving the figures on the army card: There is no requirement for the player to move all of his players on the army card, but they can. For example, they can move their heroes and dragons into battle position or move the heroes and leave the dragons in reserve.
  • Attacking with your army cards: On a players turn, they can attack any enemy fighters within range.
Does the game come with many Heroscape figures?

There are over 250 Heroscape figures contained in the Mattel game available in the expansion set and master set, including Marvel fighters. There are a variety of types, including warriors, wizards, hunters, clerics, warmongers, ninjas, archers, masterminds, creatures, fighters, rogues, and common squad fighters. The figures are often included in expansion groups, such as the Marros.

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