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Hobart Commercial Kitchen Mixers

Your Guide to Choosing a Hobart Commercial Kitchen Mixer

For decades, Hobart has been the standard for kitchen mixing equipment. A used Hobart mixer is an affordable option when you are outfitting your first kitchen. Whether you are in a restaurant trying to whip up mounds of mashed potatoes or a bakery prepping for many loaves of bread, an industrial kitchen mixer is a necessary tool. You can find a great selection of new or preowned Hobart mixers for sale on eBay.

What are the features of a Hobart mixer?

Hobart mixers are known for their powerful mixing ability and easy operation. Although they differ in volume, all Hobart mixers come with standard features.

  • Gear-driven mixing: The gear drive in a used Hobart mixer has a quieter operation than other, belt-driven industrial mixers.
  • Variable speeds: There are five mixing speeds for an array of kitchen uses.
  • Stainless steel mixing bowl: A solid, durable bowl with easy clean-up.
  • Timed operation: A built-in timer allows you to start the mixing and move on to another task.
  • Mixing tools: The standard mixing tools are a dough hook, mixing paddle, and whisk.
Which Hobart mixer should you choose?

The main difference between different models of Hobart mixers is the size. A 5-quart mixer can easily sit on a countertop. A large Hobart 60-quart mixer will need its own space on your kitchen floor. In between, you will find 20-quart and 40-quart mixers. An industrial bakery will need one of the larger sizes. A restaurant that provides fresh bread at the table may want a Hobart 20-quart mixer. If you are experimenting with bulk baking for the first time, you can get your foot in the door with a 5-quart model.

Are spare parts available for a used Hobart mixer?

One of the advantages of purchasing a Hobart dough mixer is its simple technology. The Hobart design has not changed much over the years. This makes Hobart mixers easy to maintain with many spare parts available. You can find replacement gears, control boards, mixing tools, and additional specialised tools in the eBay Hobart collection.

What are the speed settings for a Hobart mixer?

Every Hobart industrial kitchen mixer has five speed settings.

  • Slow: The setting for the initial ingredient mix.
  • Low: This setting is for heavier mixes like pancake batters or pizza dough.
  • Medium-low: The perfect setting for lighter bread doughs and mashed potatoes.
  • Medium-high: This setting brings more air into the mix. It is often used for whipping cream.
  • High: The fastest setting for recipes that need high aeration like a meringue.
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