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Creating Your Own Magic With Harry Potter LEGO Castles

LEGO provides tons of different kits for fans of Harry Potter to enjoy. These building kits range in size, from several hundred pieces to several thousand pieces. Fans of any age will find joy in constructing scenes featuring the Hogwarts castle. Many of these sets are also collectible, and they will give you the extra spark of magic you always imagined from Hogwarts.

What comes included in a Hogwarts building kit?

Depending on the kit you choose, you may receive many different objects. Smaller kits may only include the necessary supplies to build the creation. Each kit should also include an instruction guide. With larger kits, you may receive the following:

  • A step-by-step guide on how to successfully complete the kit
  • Brick removal tools in case bricks accidentally get stuck together
  • Minifigures and their props
  • Interchangeable pieces to create different scenery and settings
  • Stickers and other accent pieces
What are the primary differences between a sealed box and an open/previously built kit?

Typically speaking, sealed boxes are often mint-condition collectible items. They are often sold for a higher cash value than open kits. This is for a variety of reasons. Of course, like many collectible items, it ensures the product remains complete and in perfect condition. Opened boxes may be missing pieces, instructions, or accessories that came with the kit. Unfortunately, this may cause you to have an incomplete build. Before purchasing, you should read the item description. This will help you determine the completeness of the kit. Many built kits already have sticker placement completed, as well. Some creators say that this takes away from the building experience. Lastly, many built kits no longer contain the character polybags, which are often high-value collector's items.

What are advantages to buying an open box kit instead of a sealed box building kit?

Opened kits are often resold by people who have already built the model. While many of these kits are intended to be collectors kits, many kits go on to be built. It is important to note that unopened kits are typically more expensive than opened kits. It ends up being more reasonable to purchase a previously opened and constructed kit if you are simply looking to build the kit itself. At the end of the day, this will save you money. You are able to buy and build a collector's kit at a fraction of the cost.

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