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Home Space Heaters

Space heaters are a fantastic way to warm individual rooms. They are energy efficient and can supplement or replace other heating options. There are several kinds to choose from.

What kinds of space heaters are available?

The size of your room and general heating needs will determine which type of heater will work best for you. Safety is another key component when choosing the right option.

  • Convection – These heaters warm the room's air as they pass over the heating elements. They are quiet, and the warmth produced is long-lasting. They are great for large rooms and use natural airflow to disperse heat. These can include ceramic or metal elements and oil- or liquid-filled chambers.
  • Fan-Forced Heaters – These are like convection heaters but with the addition of a fan. This moves the warmed air more effectively.
  • Radiant/Infrared – Infrared heaters produce heat quickly. The heat is absorbed directly by the people in the room, even if the area around them is cold. They are useful in drafty rooms or to spot-heat. They usually rely on oil or propane to generate heat; this makes them useful during power outages. They're also quiet.
  • Combination – These electric heaters contain positive elements from other styles of heaters. TAs a result, they heat evenly and quickly.
Which space heaters are good for children or pets?

Many space heaters have a safety trigger and will switch off if they fall over. Look for options with a plastic protective grate with small openings, as well. This can prevent children or pets from touching the heating element. Thermostat-controlled heaters will switch off once the desired temperature is reached. Try to keep the heater away from high-traffic areas and on a level surface.

Where can heaters be placed in the home?

Space heaters are suitable for all rooms in the home and even outside. There are a variety of models, each with their own benefits:

  • Wall-mounted - These electric heaters are thin and light. Their design makes them especially suited to households with children or pets. They also fit seamlessly into many rooms' décor.
  • Tabletop - These options are mid-sized and can be moved from room to room. Many space heaters fall under this category.
  • Freestanding - These heaters are sturdy and stable. They can be moved to other rooms and are usually designed to look like a piece of furniture.
  • Personal heaters - Personal options are small and portable. They are good for one person and are suited to those on the move or outside.