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Huawei Unlocked Cell Phones & Smartphones

What You Want to Know About Huawei Unlocked Cell Phones

Huawei is a global provider of telecommunications products and services. Among the products from Huawei are unlocked cell phones. eBay features a large selection of affordable Huawei unlocked phones.

What is an unlocked cell phone?

A cell phone is locked when it is tied to a certain phone-service carrier. The service provider does this in order to recover the costs of the phone itself, which is often sold to you at a major discount in order to commit you to a service contract. Cell phones can be unlocked in two ways:

  • Factory unlocked phones: A factory unlocked phone has been unlocked by a retail store or by a cell-phone service carrier. These phones are usually sold at a premium because the carrier does not lock you into a service contract that it will use to recoup its cost of the phone.
  • Unlocked phones: These phones are either unlocked by the carrier once you have paid off your phone purchase contract or by a third party using special software.
What are some pros of unlocked phones?

An unlocked phone gives you the flexibility to choose the cell service provider that you want. With an unlocked phone, you just insert a SIM card from the carrier you wish to use. Most people choose to use an unlocked phone to save money on the service charges. Travelers outside their home country find that with an unlocked phone, they can have cell service wherever they go simply by changing the SIM card in the phone. That way, they can avoid steep roaming charges for using their phone service abroad.

What are some of the features of an unlocked phone?

In addition to a wide range of Huawei models and colors, a variety of other features are also available on new and preowned Huawei phones on eBay.

  • 3G or 4G capable: The designations of 3G or 4G just stand for third generation or fourth generation of cell phone. Generally, you can expect faster service with a 4G phone over a 3G phone using the same carrier.
  • Dual SIM: For travelers abroad, they can avoid some carrier fees by having a SIM for one country and another SIM for a second country. A dual-SIM phone actually has two modems, and calls can be received on both SIMs.
  • Bluetooth-enabled: Unlocked Huawei phones that are Bluetooth-enabled can communicate with up to seven nearby Bluetooth devices.
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