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IRON GYM Pull Up Bars

What are Iron Gyms Pull up Bars?

We all strive to have well toned and healthy body but sometimes its hard to find the time to include exercise into our already busy schedules. Pull up bars provide a great alternative, enabling a user to tone their body muscles from the comfort of their homes.

These bars provide a total upper body workout by targeting the shoulders, arms, triceps, biceps, chest, and back. However, selecting the perfect type of pull up bar can be a daunting task. Here, we have compiled a guide to help you during the selection process.

What are the benefits of using the pull-up bars?

Some of the benefits derived from pull up grips include:

  • Convenience
  • Upper body strength
  • Cardiovascular exercise
  • Increased muscle and grip strength

Are there pull up variations?

Some of the most common variations of pull-ups include:

  • The standard deviation - This is where you position your hands a bit wider than your shoulders with your palms facing away from you. Youll need to pull yourself up while holding your body tight. Once your chin passes the bar, you can proceed to lower yourself back down and repeat.
  • The wide grip variation - Place your hands further apart than you typically would with a standard chin up or pull up. This heavy-duty position works out your arms and chest.
  • Kicking variation - Add some momentum into your routine. Place your hands in an overhand grip, shoulder width apart. Once in position, pull your legs back and try to create an arc in your body. Pull your legs forward while swinging your body upwards.
  • The chin-up - Chin-ups are the most commonly used variations of pull-ups. Place your palms facing towards you, dip your chin and proceed to pull yourself up.
  • The Muscle-up - Instead of just having your chin pass the bar, push your chest up past the bar.
  • The L-sit - Here, the body is held in a seated position, similar to an L shape during a workout. You should have a neutral grip position which will allow you to pull your body weight effortlessly.

Are there different types of pull-up bars?

There are four main types of workout bars namely:

  • Door bar - Just as its name suggests, this type is positioned in a door frame. A door bar is quite sturdy and can either be placed directly over a doorway or affixed to the frame. These bars have a leverage bar design are easy to install.
  • Ceiling-mounted bar - Affixed to the ceiling, this type uses studs, which ensure that the bar is securely attached to the ceiling for added stability. Youll be able to execute a lot of various kinds of pulls ups here.
  • Wall-mounted Iron Gym bar - Similar to the ceiling model, this type is secured on to a wall. The pull-ups are more challenging, thus providing better strength training.
  • Freestanding foam grips - This is ideal for anyone who does not want to drill into their door, wall, or ceiling. Its constructed using heavy and durable metal that exercises more stability and weight support. This model is a Iron Gym total upper body workout bar. It provides you with more workout options than any other type of pull bar.

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