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Icom Radio Communication Parts & Accessories

Icom Radio Communication Parts and Accessories

Icom is a Japanese manufacturer of radio transmitting and receiving equipment that was founded in 1954. Icom radios are used by airline pilots, boat crews, and amateur radio enthusiasts. If you start experiencing issues with your Icom communication device, find the replacement part you need in this collection.

What are the uses of an Icom radio?

Amateurs can use this communication platform to communicate with friends in distant locations or pick up local signals. Land mobile communications are used by law enforcement, military personnel, and public safety systems. These types of communications are even used by the staff in retail stores. Some Icom communication devices are P25-compliant.

What replacement parts are available for Icom radios?

You can purchase these accessories if parts of your radio start wearing out or if you want to expand the functionality of your communication device.

  • Speaker microphones: These parts are commonly used by law enforcement, and they consist of a long, flexible cord that attaches to a small, black communications device. This device can be clipped to the shoulder of a law enforcement uniform, and there is a button on the side that allows you to speak into a microphone.
  • Freestanding microphones: These parts are commonly used in office settings. They consist of a flexible microphone on a stand that is activated with a button on the base.
  • Transceiver backpacks: If youre planning to take your Icom communications equipment on the go, these backpacks have compartments for all of the devices that youll need.
  • External speakers: These devices allow personnel in office settings to hear signals from a communications device without a handheld speaker.
  • Batteries: Mobile devices like walkie-talkies require batteries to operate. Batteries lose capacity over time, which makes it useful to have spares on hand.
  • Chargers: Walkie-talkies are plugged into charging bases when they run out of power.
  • USB cables: You can use these accessories to connect your communications device to a computer.
How do you connect an Icom radio to a computer?

You can add special programs to your Icom device or update existing programs by connecting your communication device to a computer. To get started, follow these steps:

  • Acquire a USB cable that is compatible with your radio model. Not all USB connectors are compatible with all models.
  • Download the necessary software onto your computer. Some USB connectors come with the software that youll need. Otherwise, youll need to download the software from the internet.
  • Plug the connector into your radio. The usual connection point is the phone jack at the back of the device.
  • Plug the other side of the connector to your computer. Fire up the accompanying software, and begin programming your communication device.
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