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Buying Guide for Infinity 12-inch Car Subwoofers

Car subwoofers have the potential to impress your passengers or even strangers on the street. Infinity makes a variety of speakers, including 12-inch woofers to provide a strong bass. To find a car audio solution that works with your vehicle, check out the available options.

What kinds of 12-inch woofers are available?

This company manufactures quite a few different types of car audio solutions. These devices vary in color, material, and power, and each model will provide a different audio effect when you're cruising in your car with your friends. A couple of the models offered by Infinity are:

  • Infinity Reference series: The Reference is this company's entry-level subwoofer class. There quite a few different sub-models within this series, they all share a few common characteristics. Reference speakers have polypropylene cones, which are heavy and malleable. These speakers are black, and they are relatively shallow, which can be useful if you're mounting your speakers in a smaller cabinet.
  • Infinity Kappa series: The Kappa is a high-end product series from this brand. Kappa speakers have glass fiber cones, which are light and stiff. They have more depth than Reference speakers, and they have bigger voice coils, which mean that you can play higher volumes without distortion. The cones of these speakers are either silver or black, and they use more watts than Reference speakers.
How do you pick the right subwoofers for your vehicle?

If you're looking for the ultimate experience in sound quality, you might want to go for Kappa subwoofers. Because these speakers use more watts, however, it's important to check if your amplifier can handle the power needs of a Kappa speaker before making a decision.

If you don't plan to be cranking your audio levels up to 11, you might rather choose Reference speakers. These speakers are lightweight, and they don't use up as much power as Kappa speakers, which makes them compatible with practically any amplifier.

How do you install woofers in your vehicle?

In cars like sedans, bass speakers are installed in the trunk. When you're ready to install your speakers, follow these steps:

  • Step1: Install your speakers in your amplifier's cabinet. To do so, run speaker wire from the speakers to the amp and screw the speakers into place.
  • Step 2: Run speaker wire from the amp to the front of the car. This is usually done by laying the wire underneath the carpeting of your car.
  • Step3: Connect the wire to your stereo. If your amplifiers have an external power cable, connect this cable to the car battery.
  • Step 4: Turn on your stereo to test your new speakers.
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