Insulated Lunch Bags

Bringing a home-cooked lunch to work is often a great way to save money. In addition to keeping your meals fresh and tasty, insulated lunch bags are often stylish and easy to carry. If you prefer an alternative to a metal lunch box, consider a soft insulated lunch bag or tote.

How does an insulated lunch bag work?

With proper preparation, an insulated lunch bag can keep food cool. The USDA suggests to pack at least two sources of ice with perishable foods in the bag.

Perishable food includes meat, poultry, and eggs. Packing a lunch meal with these items in an insulated lunch bag helps keep them cool. Prepackaged combinations are often packed in a bag for lunch and should also be kept cool.

What are some ways to keep insulated lunch bags cold?

The addition of something frozen will help keep the lunch bag or tote cool until the meal is eaten. The following options can be used with insulated lunch bags or totes:

  • Freezer packs
  • Frozen water bottles
  • Frozen juice boxes
  • Small ice bags
What are some of the available tote styles for women?

Lunch totes are a style of bag that might appeal to women. Stylish in nature, the lunch tote might be in a paisley design or bright hue. You may even find bags decorated with flowers or other designs. Some insulated totes for women are designed to be a fashion statement as well as a lunch bag used to carry to the office

Can a lunch bag replace a cooler?

Cooler soft sided insulated picnic bags and totes can carry beverages easily as well as snacks. In some cases, an insulated thermal lunch box can replace a cooler. This can be helpful if you only need to carry a few items to an outdoor gathering.

Can casseroles be carried in an insulated lunch bag?

Yes, these lunch bags can be large enough to hold a large dish that is being brought to a picnic or potluck. An insulated lunch bag box cooler includes a shoulder strap and could support a baking dish if held sideways. These bags have an aluminum foil lining and are water and stain resistant. Since insulated lunch totes and bags can come in a variety of sizes, it's easy to find an option that suits your needs.

Are there insulated lunch bags for kids?

Yes, many insulated lunch bags have been designed with kids in mind. Bright colored bags or a favorite superhero might adorn such a lunch tote bag. A distinctive lunch bag that brings lunch is often an icebreaker in the lunch room.