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Ford Bronco Interior Lights

There are many options available to replace or enhance the interior lighting in your Ford Bronco SUV. Lighting options include dome lights, cup holder lights, floorboard lighting, dashboard bulbs and switches, and emergency strobe lights.

What varieties of bulbs are available?

LED bulbs can be used anywhere in a Ford Bronco, from overhead lighting in the cab to the lights on the doors to the floorboard lighting. Wherever interior lights exist in the Broncos cab, they can be replaced with LED bulbs. These are typically small, long-lasting, and energy-efficient lights. Halogen and traditional incandescent bulbs may also be used. Halogen bulbs provide a little extra shine due to an additional quartz capsule to house light inside the bulb. Incandescent lights are those typically pictured when you think of a light bulb.

What types of LED strips and tubes are available?

LED strip and tube lights are sold in a variety of different colors. Strips have small LED lights spaced evenly throughout the material and have flexible placement, which means they can be installed almost anywhere in the vehicle. Strip lights typically have an adhesive backing. Tubes come in shorter lengths and might be installed in several locations in a Ford Bronco, including the interior ceiling. An LED rope is another option that offers a strip of consistent light, and it is primarily used for decorative purposes.

What is the purpose of cup holder lights?

Ford Bronco cup holder lights can be placed at the bottom of the vehicle’s beverage holders so that drivers can easily replace their drink in the correct spot. Lights in this location are functional, but they can also be placed for aesthetic reasons.

What types of dashboard switches involve lighting?

Ford Bronco dashboard switches include those for heating and cooling controls, radio commands, and other buttons on the dashboard that include colored letters for lights to illuminate.

What are emergency strobes used for?

Emergency strobe lights are an option for first responder personnel such as police, firefighters, and paramedics. Depending on a particular individual’s role, they will have different combinations and colors of strobes installed in their Ford vehicle. Fire volunteers typically use blue lights while police use a combination of red, white, blue, and sometimes orange as well. Towing and plowing companies typically stick to orange or yellow colors. Lights can be mounted near the front top of the windshield so that they are visible to all drivers and passersby.