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Ford Excursion Interior Lights

The interior lights on your Ford are just as important as the exterior lights. They help illuminate and transform the vehicle’s cab. Still, you need to know how Ford Excursion interior lights work, as well as the types of bulbs available.

What is the difference between Ford LED and halogen lights?

To get the most out of your investment, you need to know how LED and halogen bulbs produce light. You will also need to consider the lifespan and the level of brightness of each. Whereas halogen bulbs operate via gas, LED lights work on a microchip.

  • Halogen lights resemble traditional incandescent bulbs. A tungsten filament and halogen gas combine to create a warm glow. Usually, you will find this option in overhead domes. However, halogen bulbs produce a massive amount of heat and require gloves for handling.
  • LED lights are energy-efficient and have a long lifespan. A microchip generates bright, focused light via of an electrical current. The bulbs instantly light up, making them perfect for overhead domes, and glove boxes. They are shatterproof and offer plug-and-play installation.
What are the types of Ford Excursion interior lights?

You need interior lights to illuminate dark trucks or cars. With the opening of a door or a flip of a switch, you can locate items quickly. Replacement parts are available for doors, as well as glove compartments and other areas in your vehicle. A list of lights for Excursion vehicles follows:

  • Ford Excursion Dome Light: This light sits in the middle of the ceiling. Usually, the bulb comes on when the Excursions doors open. It also operates with a switch, allowing you to illuminate the entire cab to search for lost cell phones and other items.
  • Ford Excursion Map Lights: The lights are stationed on or near the rearview mirror. They focus light on a specific spot (usually toward the driver or passenger) for reading purposes.
  • Ford Excursion Glove Box Lights: When you need to grab an item from your glove box in the dark of the night, this light helps minimize your search time.
  • Ford Excursion Door Lights: Ford SUVs have lights near the bottom of the doors that illuminate the ground when entering or exiting the vehicle.
Which brands make interior lights for the Excursion?

If you frequently drive your Ford SUV at night, it is essential that your interior lights operate at peak performance. You will find reputable brands like Philips, Sylvania, and Dorman offer a variety of long-lasting bulbs for nearly all interior lighting applications.

  • Philips manufactures long-lasting LED dome lights that illuminate the entire cab with white light.
  • The Sylvania company supplies bulbs for several auto brands. Their halogen bulbs work for multiple lighting applications.
  • Dorman performs testing to make sure their multipurpose lights function correctly in Ford vehicles.