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Ford Ranger Interior Lights

Many different types of interior lights exist for various model years of the Ford Ranger, including strips, tubes, strobes, standard lights, and knobs. Each variety of Ford Ranger interior lights serves a slightly different purpose. Additions, upgrades, and replacements for your interior lighting are available to help keep your passengers safe and comfortable.

What are lighting strips?

Ford Ranger light strips are pieces of plastic cording that are available in a variety of thicknesses and colors with LED bulbs of small sizes located along the strip in intervals. Strips can be installed anywhere in the Ford Ranger, from floor to doors and seats to ceiling.

How do tubes compare to strips?

Ford Ranger lighting tubes are similar to strips in that they can be cut to almost any length and can be installed in lots of different places in the truck. Colors vary widely as does thickness. Instead of having bulbs placed in increments in tubes, the light is continuous, similar to a neon sign.

What are qualities of strobe lights?

Ford Ranger strobe lights come in a variety of colors. The most common are white, red, blue, and orange. Police sometimes use all four colors together while volunteer firefighters use blue and tow trucks use orange. Strobes can be mounted on the front or rear windshield to achieve the most visibility to alert other drivers on the road.

What is a standard light?

Ford Ranger standard lights refer to overhead lighting above the driver’s and passenger’s seats, ceiling, door, floor, and wall lights. Typically, these turn on when the Ranger powers off and when the cars doors open or the vehicle is unlocked. A variety of bulbs can be utilized to power these standard lights.

What is the function of light knobs?

Ford Ranger knobs occupy different places on the dashboard to control functions like heat, air conditioning, and radio controls. Each knob has a picture, icon, or text to depict its role. These knobs also have cutouts to allow lights behind them to shine through. The lights vary in color and are essential in conveying information to the Ranger’s driver and passengers.

What bulbs are options for inside lights?

LED, halogen, and incandescent bulbs can be utilized for Ford Ranger interior lights.

  • Incandescent bulbs are traditional light bulbs that glow slightly yellow.
  • LEDs are small bulbs that last for a relatively long time and take little energy to burn. Their light is characteristically bright white.
  • Halogen bulbs use a capsule in the middle to cover a filament and also burn brightly.
How do you care for inside lights?

Inside Ford Ranger lights can be powered off and wiped down with a damp cloth. However, be sure that the cloth is merely damp and not soaking wet to avoid causing electrical problems for your vehicle. Removing dust will help all varieties of lights avoid fire hazards and increase visibility.