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Discover eBay's wide array of new, used, and Certified Refurbished Jabra-brand products, including ear buds, headphones, and more. Sort and filter using our many options to find the Jabra item right for your music-listening needs.

Certified Refurbished Jabra Products

While you have the choice between new and used products on eBay, you should also consider Certified Refurbished items. These are Jabra products renewed and sold by eBay-approved sellers. Each item comes with a like-new guarantee (including accessories, instruction manuals, and packaging), a free 30-day return/replacement policy that starts when you receive the product, and a 2-year hassle-free warranty. We also regularly monitor participating sellers to ensure they're meeting our stringent quality control metrics.

What Options are There for Headsets or Earpieces?

Jabra has options ranging from full ear-covering headsets with cords and plugs to wireless earbuds.

  • Full headset
  • Ear cushion(s)
  • Earbud strap
  • Earbud tips
  • Ear-hook
  • Headband
  • Neckband
  • Earpiece – double or single

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Listening Device?

If you intend to use your headset or ear device with your cell phone, Jabra has a wide range of options available that are compatible with most cellular devices. Decide if you would prefer headsets with wires that plug into a phone or a wireless model. Jabra has several designs available for either option.

Jabra Product Features

Explore some of the many features that come built-in with Jabra audio products:

  • Some have a built-in microphone and microphone mute button.
  • Noise reduction features include echo cancellation, noise cancellation, and noise isolation.
  • In terms of cell phone use, some devices have built-in control options such as call functions, playback control, and volume control.
  • Jabra devices have various recharging abilities. A wired Jabra headset that plugs into your playback device typically contains no batteries to recharge as opposed to a wireless earpiece that needs a source to recharge the battery.
  • Some Jabra earpieces can be folded up for portability and are appropriate for physical activity and sports, such as those that are designed to be lightweight and water-resistant.
  • Your high-definition Jabra device with Bluetooth technology might also be foldable, making it portable for daily travel.

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