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Jello Molds

Jell-O molds help chefs get creative in the kitchen. Pouring the mix into a Jell-O mold before chilling produces a festive dessert shaped like anything from a pumpkin to a cube to a cartoon character. For adult holiday parties, you can add alcohol to create Jell-O shots.

What are Jell-O molds made out of?

Jell-O molds consist of plastic, silicone, aluminum, or copper. Plastic and silicone molds are similar, but the silicone molds can provide more intricate detail. The silicone causes these molds to be more like rubber and can be turned inside out for easier removal of the Jell-O. While they can be large, some silicone and plastic patterns are the size of an ice cube tray, with many small slots. Aluminum and copper Jell-O molds are sturdier and more rigid than the others.

What are holiday Jell-O molds?

By simply mixing Jell-O according to the package recipe and pouring it into a mold, you can make a dish that doubles as food and decoration. From Halloween to birthdays, there is a Jell-O mold appropriate for every event. Some examples include the following:

  • Halloween: Molds like pumpkins, skeletons, eyeballs, and brains delight both children and adults. Orange-flavored Jell-O provides a festive color for the pumpkins, and peach makes a nice flesh color for brains and eyeballs.
  • Christmas: Jell-O treats shaped like trees, wreaths, and reindeer are refreshing alternatives to sugar cookies, without the cooking.
  • Valentines Day: Parties can feature red Jell-O, either cherry, strawberry, watermelon, or raspberry, using a heart, cupid, or kissing lips mold.
How do you make alcoholic Jell-O shots for parties?

Gelatin treats made with alcohol are an alternative to traditional shots of liquor. These are served at events like a bridal shower or New Years Eve party. These recipes usually include making Jell-O according to the package recipe, substituting some of the water for alcohol. These eliminate the spill risk that comes with doing shots and the need to get ice in the middle of a party.

  • Jell-O shots: Make any flavor of Jell-O swapping vodka for some of the water and pour into shot glasses or Jell-O shot molds. Even in this form, the effect of the vodka is the same as liquid shots.
  • Wine jelly bears: This recipe consists primarily of wine and powdered gelatin poured into gummy bear molds and chilled on ice for a couple hours.
  • Fluorescent Jell-O: This is another recipe to use around Halloween because the tonic causes the snacks to glow under a fluorescent light. These consist of gin, tonic, lemon, and gelatin, mixed and poured into Jell-O molds like ice cubes or eyeballs for a Halloween party.