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John Varvatos Mens Boots

John Varvatos is an upscale brand that includes tailored mens clothing, sportswear, shoes, and accessories. Their line of leather boots for men has a distinctive, masculine style. This brand offers high-quality shoes for many occasions.

What sizes are available in the John Varvatos boot collection?

John Varvatos makes boots in U.S. mens sizes 7-13, including half sizes through 11.5, in a medium width. Not all styles are available in all these sizes.

What materials and colors do John Varvatos boots come in?

John Varvatos sneakers, shoes, and boots are made mostly of canvas, leather, or suede. Each material used in their boots suits the purpose of the footwear, with the glossier leather materials reserved for dress boots. John Varvatos boots come in an array of earthy, masculine colors, which include blacks, browns, grays, beiges, and tans. The wide selection available offers options to complement many outfits.

Which types of John Varvatos styles can you find?

As far as the toe style is concerned, you can find closed-toe, round-toe, and capped-toe boots. John Varvatos also offers shoes like casual sneakers and leather boots in zip-up or laced options.

What are the different boot types you can choose from?

John Varvatos creates boots in groups. In each group, the boots typically have same base design, but can vary in materials. The different John Varvatos groups include:

  • Fleetwood: The Fleetwood Sharpei Chelsea boot is meant to fit just over the ankle. The Fleetwood is available in both suede and leather.
  • Eldridge: The Eldridge group includes leather Chelsea boots, with rise just above the ankle, in various colors, as well as zip-up Chelsea ankle boots and even harness Chelsea boots for the adventurous man. The casual Chelsea boots in this group are suede and the dress styles are leather.
  • Lafayette: The Lafayette zip-up ankle boot features a fun bit of fringe and comes in solid colors of suede as well as animal-print calf hair.
  • Ellis: The Ellis boots are a casual style that comes in a variety of colors. This group features both traditional laced and zip-up options. The two leather models feature round or capped toes.
  • Sullivan: The Sullivan boot comes in leather or suede and can be found in two heights.
  • Brooklyn: The Brooklyn group offers Chelsea boots with a more rugged design. They can be leather or suede and feature mostly shades of browns.
  • Star: The leather Star boots can be found in either a Chukka (sits at the ankle) or a Chelsea. The Chukka Star has laces while the Chelsea Star has buttons.
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