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KUKA Industrial Robotic Arms

KUKA Robotics: Essential to Industrial Automation

KUKA robots are geared toward integrating human control with the high-volume producing ability of robotics by bringing industrial manufacturers automation solutions. Due to long maintenance intervals, KUKA robots have a long production service time (at more than 99% use time), making them ideal for any highly repetitive workload environment. KUKA collaborative robots are not designed to replace humans but to augment human ability, reducing the chance of injury, and making better job performance possible.

Types of KUKA industrial robotic arms

The following are some of the KUKA industrial robotic arm models available to answer the needs of today’s industrial automation:

  • KR QUANTEC PA: These are high-speed palletizers made for smaller loading spaces.
  • KR 1000 Titan PA: These can handle loads up to one ton. Theyre designed for heavy, repetitive lifting.
  • KUKA KR150 robot w/ KRC2 controller: This is a lightweight arm that is used throughout the automotive industry.
  • KUKA Kr100 P robot: This one is made for lightweight loading and unloading with a weight capacity of up to 100 kilograms.
  • KUKA Cybertech KR10R1420: This is part of KUKA’s nano-family, made for production involving small parts assembly, palletizing, or ARC welding components.
Which KUKA industrial robotic arms are most affordable?

Generally, new KUKA industrial robotic arms prices will be more than used KUKA robot prices. Some of the models you can expect at each price point consist of the following:

  • Lower price point: The KUKA KR 5 SIXX R650 6 AXIS CNC robot and the KUKA KR200 robot with KRC2 controller are generally at the lower end of the spectrum in regards to price.
  • Mid-price: You can expect the KUKA KR210 robot with KRC2ed05 controller to fall at the medium price range of robotic arms. This KUKA robot arm might be a good choice if you dont need something too fancy, but you need a bit more than basic automation.
  • Higher end: The KUKA Cybertech KR10R1420 with KRC4 controller is among the most expensive of KUKA robotics stock.
Models for every application

Whether youre looking for automation for component assembly or an upgrade to the robot loading and unloading process, it might be helpful to know which KUKA models are best suited for certain applications.

  • ARC welding: If youre looking for models for ARC welding that are highly customizable and have low maintenance requirements, consider models KR 16 L8 ARC HW or KR 30 L 16-2.
  • Automotive automation: If you want to reduce the need for makeovers and increase the safety of dangerous assembly tasks, consider the KR AGILUS series.
  • Palletizing: When speed and repetition are key factors, consider the KR QUANTEC or TITAN PA systems. Both have short repeat cycles and require limited space.
  • Food and beverage preparation: Designed for low-temperature environments and heavy workloads, the KR 300-2 PA/KR 470-2 PA KR 30-3 or KR 60-3 Series are good options.
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