Keratin Complex Hair Relaxers & Straightening Products

Get the Smooth Hair You Dream of With a Keratin Complex Treatment

Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy provides an excellent way to get long-lasting straightening results for your hair, eliminating the need for frequent smoothing treatments. eBay offers many of these products, priced to suit most budgets. If youre interested in a Keratin Complex treatment, heres some information to help you understand how the system works.

What you can expect from a Keratin Complex smoothing treatment

This is a straightening treatment that uses a special keratin. It offers these benefits.

  • Gets rid of damage and breakage
  • Eliminates flyaway hairs and frizz, leaving hair silky and smooth
  • Repels humidity, preventing hair from swelling up during sweltering, humid days
  • Makes it easier to get a flawless blowout, even if youre doing your own at home
Only a licensed cosmetologist can provide your Keratin Complex treatment

You can buy your Keratin Complex smoothing product on eBay, but you need to have a licensed cosmetologist apply it for you. Your cosmetologist can go to the Keratin Complex website to gain access to the training materials and other information needed to become a pro at applying this process.

How long does one of these treatments last?

How long a Keratin Complex smoothing treatment can last depends on several factors. One is your particular hair texture. Some textures are more resistant to styling techniques than others, meaning that they can revert faster. Another factor is which treatment you receive. A regular natural keratin smoothing treatment can last up to five months, while an express blowout treatment can last up to six weeks.

You may also want to take your particular lifestyle into account. If you work out a lot or live in an extremely hot and humid area, your hair can revert a lot quicker. Using Keratin Complex products can help extend the life of your treatment, since they were specifically formulated to work with the therapy. On average, expect treatments to last anywhere from three to six months.

Do you need to use Keratin Complex products after your treatment?

Its a good idea to use Keratin Complex smoothing treatment products to maintain your hairstyle. Theyve been made with specific ingredients that are meant to keep your smoothing process intact and looking good for as long as possible.

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