Kids' Craft Books

Tired of Your Kids Being Bored? Try Kids' Craft Books

Stop boredom by getting your child started on using kids' craft books. Kids' craft books can provide children with hours of fun. In fact, you can do kid's crafts almost anywhere you go or just stay home. With activity books, you have the chance to be yourself in unique ways.

What are some types of kids' craft books?

There are many types of kids’ craft books that offer a wide variety of activities for children, including:

  • Paper crafts – Learn origami, decoupage, paper cutting, paper embossing, and more.
  • Drawing – Children can learn to draw all types of things including people, animals, and buildings.
  • Crochet – Kids can learn to crochet animals, aliens, zombies, and many things.
  • Bead – Children can learn to make many beaded projects, like necklaces, bracelets, and keyrings.
  • Sewing – From doll clothes to their own clothes, there are many books to teach kids to sew.
  • Nature – These books are designed so that kids can go on a scavenger hunt and then craft with the things that they find outdoors.
  • Knitting – Children can use craft books to learn to knit with their fingers or with needles.
  • LEGO – Authors have turned LEGO toys into fun kids' building kits.
Who are some publishers of children’s craft books?

Many different companies publish children’s craft books with crafting instructions, including:

  • Abrams Books – Food art, paper craft, and sculpture books are just a few examples of kid's craft books they have published.
  • Cider Mill Press – Doodle books, street painting books, and activity books may all be available from this publisher.
  • Gibbs Smith – Coloring, doodling, pen and ink, food art, and balloon art books may all be available.
  • Igloo Books – Drawing, color-by-number, and coloring books may be available from this publisher.
Are there craft books for different age groups?

Yes, there are craft books for different age groups. Often, those for the preschoolers include activities that a child can do with their parents. Many kids’ crafts in books for early elementary students combine favorite children's stories with craft activities. Books for upper elementary and middle school children often focus on making things to give to their friends or on activities that can be done with a group of friends. Those for high schoolers often focus on taking a craft to a new level of expertise. If your family has multiple ages in it, then you can find family craft books offering projects that can easily change so that everyone can craft based on their own abilities.

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