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Choosing a Home Audio Power Amplifier

Many consumers enjoy having an in-theater-like surround sound experience at home. For those looking for a functional stereo, speaker, or home audio amplifier, there are a number of options to upgrade your multimedia setup.

What Are Some Key Features to Look for in Home Amplifiers?

  • SNR: Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) is the output number of background noise coming from within the speaker from the electrons in comparison to the music itself being played. Ideal sound is produced when the background noise numbers are larger than the music signal numbers.
  • Inputs: Depending on the stereo amp system setup you want, it can be important to remember that different amplifiers have a different number of plugins and each input channel is unique for various devices.
  • Distortion Levels: Every loudspeaker output has a level of distortion compared to the original recording in playback. This is known as harmonic distortion. The lower the distortion number will equal a more accurate playback of the recording.

What Audio Components Does Krell Offer?

The company's audio amplifiers are built with unique technology for optimized quality sound.  

  • Connectivity: Newer amplifiers are engineered with RJ 45 Ethernet connection compatibility, which also allows users to monitor overheating, speed processing, and even short circuit issues all from a built-in webpage that can be accessed on various other devices. 
  • Signal: Older versions of modern amplifiers operated on each channel independently for the music's signal. But now several solo models use newer technology that links channel components together, while still maintaining speed and quality. This technology is known as Krell CAST.
  • Mounting: A convenient model, known as the iBias, is wall-mountable with the assistance of a rack. This model is also compactly built with ventilation fans to monitor cooling and speed even from a mounted position, which can be beneficial for an in-home theater or office setup.

What About Multi-Channel Compatibility?

  • Certain amplifiers have the capacity to use multiple channels at the same time, and several models, such as the Theater7, is built with this technology.
  • Multiple channel capability can apply the use of a left, right, and center channel, which then produces a higher quality sound through the amp system.
  • These multi-channel models still use Class A design technology and can go up to one hundred watts for the center, right, and left channels, and up to fifty watts for the other four. This can enable a longer frequency response that will result in a fluid and higher quality output overall.

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