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Find A Plan to Fit Your Needs With Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile offers a no-contract service plan for nationwide calling. You can even bring your own LG device to use on the network. If you want a mobile plan without any commitments, you may want to consider Virgin Mobile.

Is Virgin Mobile a network carrier?

This company is a cellular provider based in Australia. It offers customers a monthly plan and prepaid options. The company was founded by Richard Branson in 2000. Virgin is a subsidiary of Sprint and operates service on its network. The wireless carrier has its United States headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri. It provides service to over 6 million people in the country.

What is the Inner Circle?

Virgin Mobile offers the Inner Circle as its monthly plan. It has no hidden fees or annual contracts. This plan allows customers to have unlimited talk and text without having to monitor usage to avoid overage charges. Virgin runs on Sprints 4G LTE network. The plan also offers an AutoPay feature.

There are options in which you can add to the monthly plan: You can purchase a mobile hotspot, international calling, and phone insurance.

Are LG phones available for the Virgin Mobile network?

LG has several smartphone models that are eligible for service with this wireless carrier. There are a variety of options for your next phone. The selection ranges from smartphones with HD camera capabilities to phones with a slider keyboard. Options include:

  • Tribute HD
  • Stylo 3
  • X Charge
  • X Power
  • Rumor 2
  • Optimus Slider
What plans are available for a prepaid device?

If you are looking to just pay for what you use, then the prepaid options may be something for you to consider. Just purchase a prepaid card and add it to your account. You dont have to worry about signing up for any plan.

What gigabyte (GB) storage options are available?

LG has a wide selection of smartphones to cover your needs. If you are looking for large storage for your camera or just for a few apps, you can find an LG phone that meets your requirements.

Some of the storage options include:

  • 4GB
  • 8GB
  • 16GB
  • 32GB
What is required to bring an LG phone to Virgins service?

Virgin Mobile allows you to bring your own smartphone to the network. First, you must verify the models eligibility. Once you have confirmed, you can purchase a SIM card from Virgin. All you have to do is plug it into your device, and you are ready to go.

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