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Lamaze Developmental Baby Toys

Toys may help with brain and motor development. They may also keep children engaged with their auditory, visual, and tactile aspects, giving parents time to complete other tasks. Lamaze designs toys for babies during their first year of life.

What are some categories of Lamaze toys?

Lamaze makes several categories of toys for babies under 1-year-old including:

  • Clip toys: A large clip at the top of these toys allows them to be hung from a variety of surfaces.
  • Teethers: These toys are designed to allow babies to chew on them while cutting teeth.
  • Rattles: These toys can often be placed around an ankle or wrist to encourage movement, or they can held by the baby in their hands.
  • Books: Fabric books often contain colorful pictures.
  • Puzzles: These toys are designed with special activities to be used in a high chair or car seat.
  • High chair or table toys: These toys are designed with a suction cup on their bottom to stand up on a flat surface.
  • Play gyms and mats: These toys are made for playing with while laying on the floor.
  • Bath: These toys are made for use in the bathtub.
What are some themes used in Lamaze developmental baby toys?

Lamaze uses many common themes throughout their line of toys including:

  • Garden: Flowers are featured in many different types of toys that may be available.
  • Pirate: An octopus pirate and human pirate toys may both be available.
  • Insects: Fireflies, ladybugs, inchworms, butterflies, and others may be available.
  • Sea Life: Octopuses, whales, and fish may be available.
  • Jungle: Hippopotamuses, monkeys, lions, and giraffes may be available.
What developmental milestones can Lamaze toys help babies learn?

There are many developmental milestones that Lamaze toys may help a baby learn including:

  • Turning head from side to side
  • Grasping objects
  • Responding to sounds
  • Rolling over
  • Sitting up
  • Reaching and picking up objects
  • Crawling, scooting, and standing
How do you select a Lamaze toy?

Using the following tips can help you select the right Lamaze toy for your baby.

  • Select a toy based on milestones: Lamaze makes toys for babies under 1, but think about what tasks the baby may be learning to do.
  • Select a type of toy: Books, rattles, teethers, and more are available.
  • Select a theme: Jungle, pirate, sea life, and more are common themes used by Lamaze.
  • Select a color: Lamaze makes toys in a variety of colors and patterns.
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