Laptop Docking Stations for Apple

Laptop docking stations allow Apple Macbook and MacBook Air users to have all the advantages of a desktop setup with the portability of a laptop. Far from being just a source of extra ports, docks--like those produced by Henge Docks--provide an aesthetic that fits into the overall look of Apple hardware. Docking stations also help to maintain the flexibility of the laptop.

What are the advantages of a docking station?

These devices have a number of advantages. Perhaps the most noticeable is the fact that they allow a user to quickly expand the number of ports that are available. A docking station allows the user to attach many more peripherals without the clutter of splitter cables. Apple's docks even have ports for Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt 2 cables.

What types of docking stations are there?

Henge Docks offers two major types of docking stations: horizontal and vertical. Horizontal docking stations are best when a user still wants to use the laptop's display, and largely acts as a seat for the computer. A vertical docking station cradles the device and keeps it in the closed position. It requires the user to have another display attached, whether through HDMI or DisplayPort. Models are produced that work with both MacBooks and MacBook Airs.

What sort of ports are available?

The short answer is that if a MacBook needs a port, a dock can accommodate it. Additional Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt 2 ports can be found, as can options for additional HDMI or DisplayPorts. Further, Ethernet jacks can also be found, as can USB ports. The number of these ports varies, depending on the dock itself.

Can additional displays be connected to the docking station?

Contemporary docks are built with those who use multiple monitors in mind. Laptops using them can draw on several cable options to connect to displays, even multiple monitors. For many users, HDMI and DisplayPort are what they need, though some may find Thunderbolt or Thunderbolt 2 to be a better fit. These options are fully Retina-ready.

Do the stations include power adapters?

Some brands’ products offer adapters that allow users to charge their Apple Macbooks or Macbook Airs directly from the dock. This further lessens the clutter of having too many cords, as wires are guided in one direction. This is only applicable to the laptop's power supply; external peripherals may still need power cables of their own to function.

What computers work with docking stations?

Both MacBooks and MacBook Airs are supported by this equipment, and there is some support for legacy products like MacBook Pros. Compatibility with Thunderbolt technology is crucial for the system to work properly.