Bring Your Notes to Life With Livescribe

Livescribe is an exciting way to take notes and make sure you don't miss a beat. This smartpen allows you to easily digitize your handwritten notes and share them with the push of a button. It also lets you add audio and other media for a comprehensive record of high-level classes, critical meetings, and creative ideas.

How do Livescribe pens work?

When you take notes with your Livescribe pen, you can simultaneously record audio so that you can capture the complete lecture and supplement it with your own thoughts. The Livescribe software digitizes your handwriting and stores it in the cloud. You can then access, search, and share your notes on the Livescribe app.

What Livescribe pen models are available?

Livescribe currently offers three different smartpen lines, each with several pen models.

  • Aegir: This line is the lightest and slimmest offering from Livescribe, with two designs and two colors available. This pen is designed only for use with the Livescribe notebook and features 10 hours of battery life and the capacity to store up to 1,200 pages of A4 handwritten notes. You can share these notes in many different formats and even recognize and transcribe notes from 22 different languages. It charges with a micro USB port and offers both a smartphone and desktop Livescribe app.
  • Livescribe 3 smartpen: This is a retractable pen with blue or black ink, with Bluetooth technology that offers seamless note syncing with your smartphone. A camera within the phone records everything you write, no matter what type of paper you use. This model features 14 hours of battery life with a two-hour charge.
  • Echo smartpen: The Echo smartpen is a self-contained device through which you can write, store, record, and play your notes. This model features an impressive capacity of up to 20,000 pages of written notes and 200 hours of spoken notes. It has a high-speed infrared camera and an integrated microphone and speaker.
How do you pair Livescribe pen with the mobile app?

If you have a Bluetooth-enabled smartpen model, you'll need to download the Livescribe+ mobile app for your Apple or Android smartphone. Once you've done so, put your phone in pairing mode and turn on your Livescribe pen. The green light will blink to indicate that the pen's pairing mode is activated. Open the app and it will automatically detect your phone. Follow the prompts on the screen to complete the pairing process.

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