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Lucchese Narrow (C, B) Boots for Men

Lucchese makes a wide variety of hand-stitched leather boots for men. The variety of toe, heel, and sole designs used by Lucchese allow the boot maker to create a broad selection of products that include dressy, roper, and cowboy boot styles. Lucchese offers a host of color combinations as well, from mocha brown to raspberry buffalo.

What is Goodyear welt construction?

One of the methods that Lucchese uses for its boot construction is the Goodyear welt. This technique involves the use of leather throughout the boot such that there are no pads or cork fillers. During construction, a thin leather strip (welt) and the upper of the boot are attached to the insole using a welt seam, while a sole stitch is used to connect the outsole to the welt. Goodyear welt construction does not require stitching in the interior of the boot. The technique helps make boots water resistant and stronger. A Goodyear constructed boot can be re-soled because the sole stitch can easily be removed without damaging the upper and insole.

Which materials does Lucchese use for its exotic cowboy boots?

Lucchese increases its selection of boots for men by using a number of exotic skins such as the following:

  • Smooth ostrich: Ostrich leather is smooth and durable, and ostrich boots can be made from the quill or leg, which is uniquely patterned. Ostrich has a medium sheen that is easy to maintain.
  • Shark: Shark skin is extremely rugged with a rough texture that consists of raised surfaces that are sometimes painted for colorful cowboy boots.
  • Goat Skin: Goat hide has a fine-grained texture, is soft, and stretches to improve the fit of boots made from this material.
  • Caiman: Caiman is a type of crocodile with thick, strong, and distinct skin. Caiman boots are designed to be more able to withstand harsh environments due to these properties of the skin.
  • Teju Lizard: Teju lizard cowboy boots are distinct because of the texture of the skin, which is highly pronounced. Lizard skin can be more durable than most skins. It can retain its sheen for a long time and is available in a multitude of colors.
How do you care for your Lucchese boots?

The material of your Lucchese narrow (C, B) boots will determine the most suitable way to keep them looking good. Be careful to use the right products for specific materials to avoid destroying the structure of your cowboy boots.

For Lucchese roper boots with soft skins such as ostrich, begin by wiping the dust off with a damp cloth. Follow that up with a conditioner made for leathers, then use a matching cream polish. Buff your boots using a soft cloth.

For suede Lucchese cowboy boots, use non-silicone protectors to help protect the boots from water and stains. Next, dust the boots off with a soft brush or damp cloth. Polish and cream are not advisable for suede boots. You can apply another coat of the non-silicone protector before putting the boots away. Note that suede has to breathe, so keep your boots where there’s plenty of air circulation.

For your more exotic Lucchese cowboy boots, remove dirt and dust using a soft brush, then apply a conditioner that will not react with that specific material.

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